Has a stranger ever done anything nice for you?

Asked by Josh Board

March 25, 2009

Photo of Kelly Seabold

Kelly Seabold

From Washington, D.C. (Nurse)

I’m usually the stranger that helps other people out. I like that. I’ve seen people fall down that I help up when everyone else is just standing around. But recently, here on vacation, my boyfriend and I were trying to take a picture by holding our camera out in front of us. A woman came over and took the photo for us. That was really nice.

Photo of Bob Wallace

Bob Wallace

From El Cajon (Self-Employed)

I went to see Brian Wilson in Amsterdam. Something happened involving the tickets I had, and the woman working there ended up giving us VIP seats in the second row. Most recently, in downtown San Diego, somebody put money in my parking meter. I’ve gotten tickets before for that when I worked downtown. I knew the time had expired and I got down there and saw that I had a lot more time left.

Photo of Yvonne Andres

Yvonne Andres

From Encinitas (Global Education Program)

Traveling in Atlanta, we had gone to see a show. We got there late, after rushing to catch a plane. There was a lady that was the attendant, and she let us in for free. It was right after the show had started at this museum. She could’ve charged us full price or just refused to let us in since it had started. We thought that was very nice.

Photo of Katerina Makris

Katerina Makris

From Vista (Author of Your Adopted Dog)

On a Greek island, my elderly aunt and uncle developed advanced dementia. They survived only through the kindness of friends and neighbors. That same summer a wildfire burned out a small animal shelter there. Aunt, uncle, and four puppies ended up on a flight home with me. To change my aunt’s and uncle’s diapers in the plane’s tiny restroom, I had to leave the door open, which mortified my still-modest aunt. A passenger stood with her back to us to block the view. It was simple but always makes me teary remembering it.

Photo of Jessica Schillace

Jessica Schillace

From Downtown (Daycare)

It was late at night in L.A. I was with a friend of mine, and we broke down on the freeway. This guy pulled over and was so nice. He let us use his phone, and he stayed way up ahead of us. I think he didn’t want us to be creeped out or anything. And he waited until the people showed up that we called, but again, he stayed way out in front of us. It really made us feel safe.

Photo of Romeo Enrile

Romeo Enrile

From El Cajon (Actor)

I was low on gas, the light was on, and I could hear the car ready to konk out. I didn’t have any money and asked someone at the gas station to lend me a few bucks and they did. Oh, wait, I have a better one. My car ran out of gas in Mira Mesa, in the middle of the street. I got to my house but was locked out. I just knocked on a random door at 5:00 a.m., and they came out, drove me to my car and the gas station, and I couldn’t believe how kind they were. I was surprised when they turned on the porch lights, but for them to drive me all around...


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