What words do you always misspell?

Asked by Josh Board

March 18, 2009

Photo of Amanda Salas

Amanda Salas

From El Cajon (Veterinarian)

I always misspell “deciduous.” I use that word when I’m talking about teeth extractions. I usually spell it “-ious” instead of “-uous.” When I was a kid, I used to always misspell “Tennessee” on spelling things. Now I sometimes deal with a dog that has that name. I’m always looking up how to spell them both.

Photo of Ray DeCandia

Ray DeCandia

From La Mesa (Business Owner)

My misspelled word would be “definitely.” It’s strange because I like the word “define,” and I use it a lot. So I think “definitely” should be like an extension of that, but I always seem to mess it up. Oh, the word “proportionate.” I hate that one, too. I feel weird if I misspell words, even in a casual email. My friends give me a hard time about that. I hate when people use all caps. That drives me nuts. But I hate misspelling those two words because I’m a good speller, damn it!

Photo of Ashley Thrash

Ashley Thrash

From Mission Valley (Student)

I misspell the word “definitely” often. I’m sure other people do, too. That’s probably a common one. I can’t think of many other words I misspell on a regular basis. Oh, “surprise.” That gets me sometimes. Those words that have the extra r in there. I’ll forget exactly how they’re spelled.

Photo of Virginia Kirkpatrick

Virginia Kirkpatrick

From Whittier (Aerospace Company)

I get “receive” wrong. It’s that whole “i before e” thing. I don’t always misspell that, though. But I notice when I’m texting on my phone, it’s always correcting me on that one. Now that I think about it…there aren’t many other words that I misspell that often. Or maybe I just don’t realize I’m spelling them wrong.

Photo of Scott Cummings

Scott Cummings

From La Mesa (Real Estate)

I sometimes misspell “appraisal.” And I work in real estate, so that’s probably a weird one for me to get wrong. Of course, the word always comes up. I don’t think I misspell that many words anymore. As a kid, I don’t remember the words that I got stuck on.

Photo of Butch Rosser

Butch Rosser

From Chula Vista (Deejay)

I’m probably the worst person you can ask that question. When it comes to spelling, I’m really anal. It can be a casual email or when I’m texting someone. I had a friend say they always know when the text is from me because it has actual words and not just abbreviations. I’m always trying to be grammatically correct. I guess I don’t want my English teacher rolling over. Last night I was drinking, and it took me five minutes longer to send out a text because I wanted everything spelled properly.


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