What's your favorite modern invention?

Asked by Josh Board

June 24, 2009

Photo of Chris Shipp

Chris Shipp

From El Cajon (Construction)

If it’s a recent invention, I’d have to say the cell phone. I’ve had one for so long now and can’t imagine what I’d do without it. I have two of them while I’m at work. We’re not supposed to be on it while we work or are driving. And when I’m driving, I’m not hands-free either. Sometimes I’ll be talking and a cop comes by and I have to tell the person to hold on, as I put the phone by my side. You can accomplish a lot while talking on the phone when you’re in your vehicle.

Photo of Tracy Lindsley

Tracy Lindsley

From Crest (Hod Carrier)

There are so many. I would say electric cars, but they have too many problems. I’m thinking wind-power energy, those things that turn and the turbines create energy. I really like those big Slurpee straws that are made of aluminum. They stay cold. You can use them over and over again. My man bought me two dozen of them, and they work well for other drinks, too.

Photo of David Sawyer

David Sawyer

From El Cajon (Construction and Flooring)

Maybe I’m just saying this because I had one a few minutes ago, but those blue mountains on the Coors cans. It lets you know when the beer is ice cold. When it gets warm, it changes color. But it’s so hot today that I’m thinking the best invention ever is probably air conditioning. Nothing beats that on a warm day.

Photo of Kevin Henderson

Kevin Henderson

From El Cajon (Caterer)

This might sound weird, but I’m going to say this meat slicer I have. My dad’s old buddy was a butcher and had a shop in the ’20s and ’30s. He boxed that thing up, but I recently started using it. It’s 70 years old, and it hasn’t been sharpened and still works like brand new. I’m assuming these things were invented in the ’20s because electricity had only been used a decade earlier.

Photo of Beverly Nurse

Beverly Nurse

From El Cajon (Beverly Nurse Retired)

I’m a bit older, so I saw a lot of things invented. I remember our first little black-and-white TV. I remember when the microwave was invented. Imagine people today trying to go without one of those. But I have to say, I get the most use out of my cell phone. I frequently drive people to our church, and often that’s the only way people can get a hold of me is by calling my cell.

Photo of Michael Bush

Michael Bush

From Escondido (Retired)

It would be two things that I would’ve killed for back in college — a computer and a photocopy machine. The computer because of how much easier it is to write things on. We had to type things out on special paper, since we didn’t even have White-Out then for mistakes. It’s so much easier now. And when going to a library to research something, you’d have to write out all these notes in longhand. Now you can pay a nickel or a dime and just have copies made in the research section.


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