What was your first kiss like?

Asked by Josh Board

July 29, 2009

Photo of Richie Edquid

Richie Edquid

From Otay Mesa (Photographer)

It was on a bus. Our school band was going on a field trip. I played saxophone. She played drums. It was real awkward. I guess your first anything is awkward. I had asked her out using a note in class, since our schedules didn’t match up. Everyone else on the bus was sleeping, and we were talking. We both leaned in at the same time and kissed.

Photo of Lori Gallagher

Lori Gallagher

From Mission Valley (Web Designer)

My first kiss was when I was 13. The boy was 12. He was a cute kid I attacked. The whole thing lasted maybe five seconds. But we started hanging out in his garage playing video games. We did that all summer, including making out. We were good friends for such a long time. When he turned 21, he decided he was gay.

Photo of Erica Robles

Erica Robles

From Clairemont (Housewife)

My first kiss was actually with my husband, who’s right over there. It was when we were in fifth grade. I was 11. We had passed a note back and forth, and then my mom drove us to the movies. We’ve still tried to figure out what movie it was and we can’t. He did that thing where he put his arm around me at the end. It was kind of crazy, if you think about it.

Photo of Amy Paulson

Amy Paulson

From Rancho Bernardo (Programmer)

I was in third grade, and it was with Brian Runk. We had been dating for three years, after we met at camp. Our parents would drive us over, since we lived in different towns. We finally decided to kiss. It was just a small kiss. Then we decided to French kiss, with tongue. We both backed up and were spitting, saying, “Gross!” We tried it a few more times in the two more years that we were together.

Photo of Mark Carrea

Mark Carrea

From North Park (Sales)

I kissed a boy for the first time in junior high. It just sort of happened. He was in a few of my classes and lived in Tijuana. The experience got me to explore different ways about myself.

Photo of Jaidan Revals

Jaidan Revals

From University Heights (Student)

It was when I was six years old. We did it in a pillowcase because we were scared of getting into trouble. And we kissed again years later, in high school. We kind of grew up together. Our class ended up voting us to something, and we had this big mock marriage. We’re still in touch.


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