What would you sacrifice to be rich?

Asked by Josh Board

July 22, 2009

Photo of Stacie Greene

Stacie Greene

From Kensington (Advertising)

I don’t think I’d sacrifice anything. I’d rather be happy than rich. I guess being rich could bring happiness. When you’re struggling for money, you have a whole bunch of other problems. And I guess you could be rich and a lot more content, if that makes sense. But to sacrifice or give up something I already have or enjoy, I don’t think there is anything.

Photo of Bob Brichmann

Bob Brichmann

From Crest (Wedding DJ)

This might sound bad...I don’t know. But if you’re talking about what ultimate sacrifice someone would make to be rich, well…I have a job that has me dealing with the public all the time. I’d give up never having any interaction with a person ever again, if it meant I was rich. I’d buy an island somewhere in the Caribbean. I’d be perfectly content.

Photo of Danielle Simone

Danielle Simone

From Ocean Beach (Designer)

Really, what wouldn’t I sacrifice to be rich? I’d sacrifice everything, even relatives. Okay, well…maybe only a second cousin. And I probably wouldn’t sacrifice my health. I’d buy a house here and one in Europe. I would get a yacht and black Lamborghini with silver Hello Kitty rims.

Photo of Joel Davis

Joel Davis

From University Heights (Music Teacher)

I would sacrifice my job, which I love. But a lot of people probably quit their jobs if they get rich or win the lottery. I’ve lived being poor for so long, that sacrificing things to be rich would be hard to do. I’m used to living without money, so to sacrifice things now…it’s hard to think of what I’d want to give up.

Photo of Mike Gee

Mike Gee

From Clairemont (Manager)

I would sacrifice my age. I’m 44, and…well, I’d trade that for being 65, if it meant being rich. Obviously, younger would be the better direction to go. And, I couldn’t trade my age for being over 80. I’d be too old to enjoy the money. If it was being forced to live somewhere in order to have the money, I wouldn’t want to be in Phoenix, no matter how much money was involved.

Photo of Veronica Abila

Veronica Abila

From North Park (Makeup Artist)

I would give up my boobs. I don’t really want them. They’re bad on my back. They’ll eventually get saggy. I guess if I was rich and gave them up, if I ever changed my mind, I could just buy some new ones. I could have them customized and really pimp them out.


siregadget genius July 22, 2009 @ 4:22 p.m.

If I could be rich enough - just to be able to have my rent payed for the rest of my life - YAY - but I would give up crying of being poor - but I live every day just to make people happy and laugh - yes I am a Comic Clown - I have been doing comedy all my life - I just found out how to make people look at me and laugh - some people do tip me cash - that has in the past payed my rent, little food - now I am losing my able to walk around REAL bad Knee pain - I have roller skated over 35yrs. haven't in 8yrs. knees have gotten real bad pain - but I would give up everything I know - I invent stuff and make stuff up to use and have fun with, I will teach those who don't know what I know like to throw Frisbee over 20 different ways, I make VERY great paper airplanes that go up in the air over 40feet and stay up over 40seconds fun to watch... Also I play Chess 35yrs. very good and I have taught lots of people how to play Chess ! so I would give up everything I know to be RICH !


jerome July 24, 2009 @ 8:51 a.m.

my opinion is that people sacrifice their personal integrity to be rich that seems to be the norm.....as i see it. my motto is if you are asked for loyalty give em integrity if you are asked for integrity give em loyalty......then you will be truly rich with what is most important . so i guess if asked what i would give up to be rich the answer would be simple, nothing.


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