Have You Ever Broken Up a Fight?

Asked by Josh Board

July 8, 2009

Photo of Jeremy Carpenter

Jeremy Carpenter

From East County (Bouncer)

I’ve had a lot. The worst was when I was a bouncer at Typhoon Saloon. It was when the Super Bowl was here with the Raiders. This DJ had a habit of lowering the lights after certain songs, and when they came back on, there were five guys going for it. I jumped in and lost my flashlight. My radio also came off. I just started peeling bodies back. I finally got to the two guys, and one had ahold of [the other’s] hair and was slamming his head into the ground. Usually those guys are just wimps. But if you have any area that mixes men and women and throwing alcohol into the mix…fights start.

Photo of Chatel Estae

Chatel Estae

From Mission Valley (Waitress)

My ex got into a fight with this drunk guy. It was in a bar, and this Marine made a few comments to me. Yes, there was alcohol involved. And maybe there are some women out there that would like to see men fighting over them. I hated being forced to try and break it up. Good times.

Photo of Javier Vargas

Javier Vargas

From Escondido (Truck Driver)

Yeah, but it was way back in high school. There was a party at my girlfriend’s house. Two guys were trying to get in, and they were known as fighters. I was keeping them out, and two other guys I didn’t know got into a fight outside. I broke that fight up and turn around to see a full-blown brawl. The two guys that initially fought were hugging each other. Cops showed up, and people were being thrown on the hoods of cars. It was ugly.

Photo of Danielle Fergus

Danielle Fergus

From Washington (Nurse)

It was in North Park, and I was with my kid, who’s 23. We were at a gay bar. A guy was looking at him and eventually ended up getting into our faces. I was in front of my son, being the protective mother. They ended up rolling around on the ground and out onto the street. The bartender ended up pulling us all apart.

Photo of David Dodd

David Dodd

From Tijuana (Engineer)

My friend Darren and me are expatriates who often had a couple of beers after work in Tijuana. One evening this guy got drunk and hassled Darren. Everyone in the bar warned this guy to leave him alone, but he kept on. Darren got up to use the restroom, and the guy followed. We heard Darren yelling, “Wait till I’m finished, you bastard!” Then we see the guy flying backward out the door and Darren follows, zipping up his pants. The owner of the bar and I got out there and separated them. The next day the guy came back and found Darren and would’ve been choked to death, but everyone begged [Darren] to get off of the guy. He came back again — to apologize to Darren and thank the cantinera for saving his life.

Photo of Omar Nene

Omar Nene

From San Diego (Entrepreneur)

I was at a show. DJ Premiere was spinning in the Gaslamp a few years back. I was in town visiting on a break from school. Premo was getting nasty, hitting us with cut after cut after cut. We are dancing, and one of my boys is a little more faded than the others. He bumps a few guys dancing around where he was, and next thing I knew, fists were flying everywhere. He’s the one usually to start scrapping, so I just pulled him off along with the help of a few buddies. Once things settled, we got kicked out of the club. I remember being so heated because he didn’t remember how or what happened.


ib_adjacent July 9, 2009 @ 12:44 p.m.

it's ironic that this topic came up in the reader. just a couple of days ago my friend broke up a fight between another friend and her mom! I mean, they were going at it like they were from 2 different gangs! so my friend goes in to break them up & gets her finger severely bitten in the chaos! She lost half her fingernail & it looks NASTY! she should get a shot.


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