What's your favorite movie based on a book?

Asked by Josh Board

February 11, 2009

Photo of Ralph Kreidly

Ralph Kreidly

From San Diego (Business Analyst)

It was The Kite Runner from a few years back. It was about the boy returning to Afghanistan. I saw the movie and, well…I actually didn’t read the book. I know it was a best seller. I’m not sure if you were asking if I read the book. But I had an ex-girlfriend that had read the book and we saw the movie together. I thought it was a great film.

Photo of Dimitrios Zisoulis

Dimitrios Zisoulis

From Pacific Beach (Scientist)

My favorite was probably Blade Runner, which was the Philip K. Dick book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? I had read the book first. And the movie was really different, but I still liked it. Ya know, I might pick The Last Temptation of Christ as my favorite film version of a book. I liked the philosophical implications of it. And it’s full of life wisdom. The movie had the tension and inner turmoil and wasn’t afraid to touch the controversial issues. It was an interesting perspective on whether you’re supposed to do what’s right or lead a normal life. I wonder with this question, if anyone will pick Troy.

Photo of Zoya Kai

Zoya Kai

From La Jolla (Scientist)

It would be Dangerous Liaisons from the book Les Liaisons Dangereuses. Is that too pretentious? I read the book first and it wasn’t until a few years later when I saw the movie. I liked the book better. The actors in the movie, Glenn Close and John Malkovich, were so good that it was hard not to love it. There was just so much more detail in the book.

Photo of Felicia Morgenstern

Felicia Morgenstern

From Hillcrest (Interior Designer)

I have a few. The Reader. The novel and the film are flawless. I also liked American Beauty. Or was it American Splendor? I’m not sure which is which. Take your pick. There are so many. A few Dr. Seuss things are coming to mind, like The Sneetches. I adore the clever way Seuss illustrates some of the sillier aspects of human nature. In this case, our inherent desire to “one up” one another, without seeming like a misanthrope.

Photo of Daniel Huynh

Daniel Huynh

From North Park (Machinist)

I would say Solaris, the George Clooney film. I had read the book first and a couple months later saw the movie. I had heard about the film and read it in preparation. They were very different. The film was more Hollywood and focuses on the romance of characters and not as much sci-fi. The book also has discussions on the history of science and interesting things like that. It made reading it more enjoyable than the film version.

Photo of Mickey Walker

Mickey Walker

From Hillcrest (Waitress)

I can’t think of one right now. You’re putting me on the spot. Oh… Harry Potter. I’ll say that. I haven’t read all seven of the novels by J.K. Rowling. I only read a few. And I know some people complain that only the first two movies were faithful to the books. But movies can only show you so much of what’s in the book. And it’s always book snobs that claim to always like the book better, no matter how great the film is.


tiburon760 March 26, 2009 @ 12:54 p.m.

I'm glad that there are still people out there who help out. I try to help out as much as possible when somebody is in need, but being a 6'1" tall, 275 pound Mexican vato creeps out some people. I just approach them in a non threatening manner & talk like Wally Clever & that sets them at ease a bit.


Josh Board March 27, 2009 @ 11:54 a.m.

I have the exact same problem. Well, I'm not Mexican. I'm not 275. But, a 6'1" man approaching, can scare people. So, I'll usually just hop out of my car to help people push a vehicle. That's when people welcome seeing a bigger dude. And I figure, on the side of the road, nowdays, women have cell phones and there are those phones on the side of the road, so there's no point in freaking them out by offering help.


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