If you had paper and pencil, what would you draw right now?

Asked by Josh Board

February 4, 2009

Photo of Lucia Alba

Lucia Alba

From Hillcrest (Financial Manager)

I’m not sure. Could I write a note or a poem instead? If I had to draw, I would draw that woman’s butt over there. It’s shaped very well. Maybe that’s why artists always paint female nudes, because of the form. I think more artists do female drawings than males.

Photo of Rene Segura

Rene Segura

From Del Mar (Photographer)

Maybe I’d do a silhouette of a woman. I’d really have to think about it. It would depend on the medium, but for pencil and paper, I’d try the silhouette. It’s not necessarily a detailed image; it’s devoid of little nuances that some drawings would require. It would be a Michelangelo type of thing.

Photo of Franziska Hake

Franziska Hake

From Germany (Student)

I would draw a flower. Whenever I write a letter, I always draw a flower at the end of it. So, that’s probably what I’d draw right now. I don’t know why I do that in letters. I’ve painted flowers, although I don’t do that often. I just think it’s a pretty way to end a correspondence or letter.

Photo of Kevin Chen

Kevin Chen

From Clairemont (Web Developer)

I don’t know. I really don’t have a lot of artistic ability. If that doesn’t play into the picture, and I wasn’t being judged or anything…I’d try to draw something nice and peaceful. Something scenic and mellow, like a meadow or a field with lots of trees, something along those lines.

Photo of Rachel Geerlings

Rachel Geerlings

From San Diego (Product Manager)

I would draw a Christmas tree. Not just because we just finished with Christmas and they’re on my mind. I’m a terrible doodler, but I draw a perfect Christmas tree. Well, more like I’ve perfected the pine tree. So often when I’m bored with paper in front of me, I end up just drawing them.

Photo of Amir Gorbani

Amir Gorbani

From Los Angeles (Computers)

It would be that character they used to have in the TV Guide advertisement. Remember those? It was a contest and showed a cartoon character they wanted to see how well you drew. I’m guessing TV Guide doesn’t even do that anymore. In fact, TV Guide might not even be around anymore. So, I guess I’d draw the Van Halen logo. I used to always draw it on my folders and book covers in high school.


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