What's your phobia?

Asked by Josh Board

October 29, 2008

Photo of Jay Lee

Jay Lee

From Otay Mesa (Consultant)

It’s caterpillars; bald caterpillars. Those hairless ones just totally freak me out. I think it’s because my brother showed me one in an encyclopedia as a little kid. It got burned into my mind. And I never got past that fear of them. That’s probably how most phobias start, from something in your childhood.

Photo of Julie Tran

Julie Tran

From Downtown (Hairstylist)

I don’t like darkness. When a room is pitch black, it freaks me out. I also don’t care for heights. With the dark, it’s just if I’m by myself. And with heights, it would have to be really high buildings before I get scared. There are also some types of bugs and insects I don’t care for either.

Photo of Denise Larson

Denise Larson

From Pacific Beach (Designer)

I have a fear of semi trucks. I have a fear of being sucked up underneath them or that they’ll jackknife and smash into me. I think it stems from my mom. She was an insurance agent, and I heard lots of horror stories that involved big trucks. And when you hear enough horror stories, you start thinking about it a lot.

Photo of Nick Thanasith

Nick Thanasith

From Mira Mesa (Chef)

I don’t really have phobias, per se. I’m not afraid of spiders. Enclosed rooms don’t freak me out. None of the regular things people would call phobias. My greatest fear is my car breaking down and being stranded somewhere. And no one would be available to pick me up.

Photo of Mariye Kim

Mariye Kim

From Chula Vista (Student)

I have two. It’s a fear of bugs and germs. A lot of women probably don’t care for bugs. But I won’t step on them, touch them, or go anywhere near them. And it’s not a specific one. I hate them all. I don’t like weird creatures. With germs, my friend laughs because I won’t take the first cup in 7-Eleven. I’ll take one from the middle. I just don’t want a cup that people may have messed with or a homeless person came in and touched.

Photo of Albert Williams

Albert Williams

From Mira Mesa (Animal Trainer)

My biggest fear is being crushed to death between massive breasts. Especially if it happens when I’m with two women. I don’t know what my parents would say about that at the funeral. But seriously, I’m obviously not afraid of animals. Oh, I do have one fear: Clorox. Those cleaners kind of freak me out. I think they can be deadly.


JulieParrots Oct. 29, 2008 @ 8:09 p.m.

My phobia is snails!! I'm freaking out right now just thinking about 'em. Whenever I would see those damned things crawling about in my field of vision, I would shriek out of terror and jump into the air to get out of their way.


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