Have you ever met anyone online?

Asked by Josh Board

October 22, 2008

Photo of Bill Jones

Bill Jones

From Lemon Grove (Unemployed)

It was back when I was writing for an opinions website. I was really involved in it on different levels. I was an advisor, team leader, and I wrote pieces. I ended up meeting a lot of people online. One guy even sent me a video of a movie I had mentioned. That was a pleasant surprise.

Photo of Amy Hall

Amy Hall

From Lemon Grove (Ship Repair)

I met someone online, but we never actually met in person. I was stationed in Italy, and in a Yahoo! profile, this guy emailed me. It was probably in 1999. He was a train cop. He also did security at the Vatican. For two years we talked online and sent pictures. He ended up meeting a woman, and after six weeks they got married.

Photo of Patrick Trumpet

Patrick Trumpet

From San Carlos (Semiconductor Services)

I’m married now, but there was a time I went on something called Lava Life. It was an online dating service. I met this woman who was a grizzly bear. I think she may have even had a beard. The pictures she had were way back from high school. I did end up trying another service and met a few people, but nothing ever worked out. With that woman, I was a gentleman and still paid for the dinner.

Photo of Gina Vaya

Gina Vaya

From National City (Contractor)

I met a woman on craigslist. It was under the listing for women seeking women for platonic friendships. I was bored. At first, she wanted a woman to go on a double date with her. I didn’t do that, but I told her I liked the way she wrote. You can tell if someone’s cool by the way they write. And, we eventually just started hanging out. We’d go to malls together or happy hour.

Photo of Marie Smith

Marie Smith

From North Park (Artist)

I met a real nice guy online but then never met him in person. We go to this Peg Leg Smith Liars’ Contest on April Fools’ in Borrego Springs, and you have to tell stories about this old prospector. I started asking this chat group about camping areas there, and this guy named Bill was really witty with his responses. I was guessing he was probably really smart and nerdy because he was a good writer. I was looking forward to meeting him, but we ended up not going.

Photo of Sven Maxwell

Sven Maxwell

From Julian (Beer Taster)

I have two: the dating one and the nondating one. Both were in the same chat room. It was about ten years ago, and we were talking. And we stayed friends. The one I dated from that chat room was a long-term relationship that lasted almost three years. She was thinking marriage; I wasn’t.


Barbarella Fokos Oct. 24, 2008 @ 8:45 a.m.

I met David online. Neither of us were thinking marriage, or even past a possible piece of... well, you know. ;) But here we are, SIX years later, and both the better for it.


emeicu Oct. 25, 2008 @ 5:46 p.m.

I met a great guy on the internet in 1999, we got married and stayed married for 9 years, he passed away recently. Mine was one of the success stories on the internet.


BlkMaleNCali Oct. 27, 2008 @ 6 a.m.

I Met my chic on Black Christian People Meet about four years ago. She had never been outside of Akron ohio. We talked for about two weeks then she came to see me for a week .She went back to ohio and got her two children and moved in with me and my son three weeks later in my garage conversion studio. I said to her if we can survive three months in this place, all five of us, then our relationship has a good chance of making it. She took a big chance on a guy she didn't know, moving to a place she had never been. We moved out of San Diego to Durham, Nc this year and i'm happy that were together.


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