Do you remember your first kiss?

Asked by Josh Board

October 8, 2008

Photo of Mia Schramm

Mia Schramm

From North Park (Muralist)

It was in fourth grade, playing “spin the bottle.” I was hanging out with an older girl and her friends. We were playing in these apartments, so we went into the alley to kiss. I didn’t want to. He didn’t either. So we started to walk back inside without kissing and he said, “Maybe we should.” So we did. It was really gross.

Photo of Adam Rosen

Adam Rosen

From North Park (Event Coordinator)

I can’t remember who it was. It was one of two people. I think the one it was happened in ninth grade. We carpooled. She called me at midnight or 1:00 a.m. I snuck over and she came outside and we made out. She was wearing a silver nightgown. And I think I got to second base, too.

Photo of Laura Oliver

Laura Oliver

From Ocean Beach (Waitress)

My first kiss was phenomenal. I was six years old. Oh, I don’t know. Maybe I was ten. And it was the Fourth of July. It was so cute. He was getting into the van with his family and just ran over and kissed me. It was under the fireworks.

Photo of James Hickson

James Hickson

From Valley Center (Model)

I was 3 and she was 3. My family thought it was cute and would have us make out in front of everyone. I used to tell my friends that I had a girlfriend and all. Then, as I got older, I realized she was my cousin. I thought it was gross. But they told me that she wasn’t my real cousin. My first real kiss was when I was around 11. I kind of freaked out when I felt her tongue touch mine. She was experienced and was moaning while she kissed me. I didn’t realize how hot it was until it was over. She stole my gum.

Photo of James Murphy

James Murphy

From Downtown (Tour Guide)

It was in eighth grade, behind the bungalows at school. She was my girlfriend for a few weeks. At eighth grade, who knows what that even means. We’d just tell all our friends we were a couple, I guess. We decided we had to kiss, since all our friends did. And we went behind the building. I was so nervous, I don’t remember much. But a few days later, she said we didn’t kiss properly. We did it again, and she jammed her tongue down my throat. It freaked me out. Her tongue kept moving in circles, and mine was just like a dead fish. At the time, I thought she must’ve been so experienced. But she probably just talked to some friends or an older sister.

Photo of Leonard Bradley

Leonard Bradley

From Escondido (Truck Driver)

It was on my wedding night. I’ve got to say that, in case my wife or parents read this. Well, I guess my wife would know that’s not true, since we kissed many times before that. It was actually in tenth grade at the homecoming dance. Our parents were picking us up in the parking lot of the school, and as we stood there waiting, I suggested we kiss then, not when our parents were around. We did it quick. Then she said that it should be longer. So we stood there necking for about five minutes.


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