Have you ever gotten a black eye?

Asked by Josh Board

October 1, 2008

Photo of Dave Baxter

Dave Baxter

From North Park (Software Engineer)

I was boxing once, working out on a bag, and my glove slipped and I hit myself in the face. I was sure it would puff up and turn black. That didn’t give me a black eye, though. There was a time when I was younger and there was a lot of alcohol involved. I think I fell into a doorknob. I guess it could’ve been something else my head hit as I passed out on my way down to the ground. I can’t remember the details, though.

Photo of Mike Cox

Mike Cox

From Tierrasanta (Plumber)

I have never had a black guy. Oh, did you say black eye? When I was around 11, my best friend Lance tried to bean me in the head with a football while I was on my bike. I jumped off the bike and got in his face. He asked me if I wanted to fight. He immediately punched me in the eye. I couldn’t believe it. Then he said he didn’t want to fight me and ran off. I didn’t really get a black eye. It was sort of a grey eye for a day. Now, I wear a helmet most of the time for protection.

Photo of Steve Wood

Steve Wood

From Vista (Education)

I have to be careful because it’s a lady before her [points to woman with him]. We were in bed, and she pulled me by the neck, and it slammed my eye on the headboard. I was holding myself up with one hand and another hand covering my eye. When I got out of bed, blood gushed out. I needed nine stitches. I told the doctor the story and he laughed. And he brought other doctors in to see the eye, and they’d all leave the room laughing. The next day was a big family party for Easter. I wore sunglasses.

Photo of Don Ethridge

Don Ethridge

From Vista (Teacher)

I used to work out three or four hours a day. I did karate. And I had been in some fights in bars but usually won. But a time in TJ, my cousin knocked over someone’s beer. I went over and was apologizing, telling them we’d buy another beer. As I was talking, punches from two guys landed on my face at the same time. Three guys ended up pounding on me. I was a bloody mess. I had a busted lip and black eye. And I was doing a musical at the La Paloma. I showed up the next day a mess.

Photo of Josephine Spirit

Josephine Spirit

From Vista (Vons checker)

It wasn’t really a black eye but a burned eye. I was seven, and my parents combined my birthday with my two sisters’ because they were cheap. It was a pizza place, and I saw Mickey Mouse on the big screen. I ran toward the screen, turning around fast and right into the cigarette in my dad’s hand. I was rushed to the hospital. It stung so bad. And it stung again when they put drops in my eye. I came home, and someone said I looked like a pirate. I started crying. My mom showed me a big piece of cake she had saved me. The next morning I went to get it, and there was just a plate full of crumbs.

Photo of Alexander Monroe

Alexander Monroe

From Vista (Handyman)

It wasn’t a black eye, but a red eye. I was having my bachelor party. The group of guys went out drinking. I remember as a joke asking who was packing. And one of them pulled out a gun. It was a wild night, and I thought we’d get into trouble. Nothing happened other than me drinking too much. In the morning, my eye had all these red dots around it. It was so red, and my wife is looking into my eyes as we’re exchanging vows. All I can think was that it was a form of alcohol poisoning.


bluenwhitegokart Oct. 26, 2008 @ 11:01 a.m.

I'm sure I've had a black eye or two, but don't remember. I broke my toe in karate. I was sparring with my sensei. Went to kick her, but when she did a low block with her arm, her elbow caught my big toe. It was black and blue for days. Finally healed up and I went back to karate. Was sparring with one of sensei's black belts (or maybe red belt). Went to kick her, when she, too, caught the same toe with almost the same exact block (elbow).


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