What's your favorite drink?

Asked by Josh Board

May 14, 2008

Photo of Randy Broderdorf

Randy Broderdorf

From Skyline (Strength Coach)

It really depends why I’m drinking it. It would be different for different occasions. In the morning or early in the day, coconut rum and pineapple. It’s light, kind of refreshing. My gambling drink is 7&7. My partying drink is gin and grapefruit juice. When I work out, it’s my own concoction, or this drink called Mass Recovery.

Photo of Emily Green

Emily Green

From Ocean Beach (Waitress)

My favorite drink is the Cadillac margarita, made with Hornitas tequila. I like it on the rocks with salt. I’ll usually have it twice a week. Never on the job, of course. It’s always after work.

Photo of Jordan Greer

Jordan Greer

From Mission Beach (Bartender)

Grey Goose martinis, a little dirty. One of the most popular drinks I make is the Mexican peach, which is a margarita with fresh lime and peach Absolut instead of tequila. The blueberry sweet-tart press is also popular. It’s half soda, half 7-Up. You mix fruit in there. The only drinks I don’t care for making are the virgins. That’s because the blender gets annoying. You have to clean it out, to make sure there’s no alcohol in it.

Photo of James Salassi

James Salassi

From Oceanside (Student)

I don’t know if this counts as a drink, but a root beer float. I was probably three years old when I had my first one. It’s money in the bank. I have at least one each month. I have this tradition I started with someone I work with. If we get an A on a test, we’ll treat ourselves to a root beer float.

Photo of Caitlin Cintas

Caitlin Cintas

From Point Loma (Student)

It would have to be apple juice. I love it. It’s refreshing. I usually have it a couple times a week. That’s most often in the mornings, to start my day. But I’ll have it at other times, depending on what mood I’m in.

Photo of Katie Gordon

Katie Gordon

From Point Loma (Student)

It would be Diet Coke with lime. They have that flavor now, but when they didn’t, I used to put the lime in there. I would say I have one a week. Usually it’s on the weekends.


Jane Belanger May 14, 2008 @ 4:05 p.m.

Mineral water! I love to guzzle it really fast and let the bubbles get trapped in my throat. It kinda tickles and gives me a little pick-me-up. The bigger the bubbles the better!


JulieParrots Nov. 27, 2008 @ 3:19 p.m.

Almond milk tea with boba! I love chewing on the little tapioca pieces.


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