Have you ever had a personality conflict with someone?

Asked by Josh Board

May 7, 2008

Photo of Darryl Hall

Darryl Hall

From Mira Mesa (Business Owner)

Get out of my face! Buzz off! Ha ha…well, no, not really. I can’t recall ever having a personality conflict with anyone. It seems like over the years there would’ve been. I just don’t remember. I get along well with people. I don’t know, maybe that just means I’m a really fantastic guy.

Photo of Vaibhav Dhawan

Vaibhav Dhawan

From San Francisco (Consultant)

Maybe one or two in my life. It’s never really much of a problem, though. I’ll just avoid them after that. Personalities are so complex. I work hard, and there are others that do. They take pride in their work. If you come across someone that is just there for the paycheck and they don’t work very hard or put in a good effort, I don’t particularly like that.

Photo of Rachel MacCratic

Rachel MacCratic

From North Park (Law Student)

Yeah, with men I’ve dated. Sometimes, even the guy I’m currently dating. There was a guy in high school I had a crush on. He was racist. This was in the San Bernardino area. He was working class, a punk-rock type. We had a computer club together, and he’d walk me to the bus stop. More recently, clashing with a guy because I’m a socialist libertarian. He’ll be preparing for a forum, and I’ll tell him all these things I think he should say.

Photo of Mark Simpson

Mark Simpson

From San Diego (Business Owner)

I have them on a daily basis. I own a property management company. And, the area I work near SDSU…if I have to tow someone’s car, they aren’t usually happy about it. I try to explain to them that there are signs, but they don’t care. They’re just so mad, they end up arguing. I work in the Hillcrest and Point Loma areas, too. But in the College Area, it’s probably the worst. I just accept it and deal with it.

Photo of Susan Johnson

Susan Johnson

From Clairemont (City Schools)

I had a Turkish student come to live in my house. Oh, wait, Arabic. Anyway, they are not allowed to drink. He started drinking. He brought a 24-case of beers and was smoking. I told him not to. I’d take a shower and smell smoke when I got out. He’d deny it when I asked. One time at 2:00 a.m. I heard him drinking. I got up, and he had a cigarette on my sofa. I grabbed his arm and pushed him outside. After that, I had him move out.

Photo of Tom Michaels

Tom Michaels

From Santee (Construction)

It was when I had a job working indoors. This woman would come in and always be cold. She’d turn the air conditioning off and the heater on. A few of us would be sweating. And it got to a point where she complained to our boss. For some reason, she got her way. It was strange because more employees liked it better the other way. Then, if someone opened a window to get a breeze, she’d complain about that. I guess the squeaky wheel gets the grease.


rickeysays May 8, 2008 @ 5:47 p.m.

I had this roommate that was a slob. A good guy, but a slob. He'd leave all his stuff over every available surface. I did everything I could think of to try to get him to clean up, but eventually I just had to move out. Can you imagine?


rickeysays May 8, 2008 @ 5:51 p.m.

Bye the way what the hell is a "socialist libertarian"? The two philosophies are opposites of each other. Explain yourself, Rachel.


MarkScha May 9, 2008 @ 3:24 p.m.

It probably means "I pick whichever philosophy works best for a given situation." You know, realistic.


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