What's the biggest meal you ever had?

Asked by Josh Board

July 30, 2008

Photo of Chris Trevisin

Chris Trevisin

From La Jolla (Chef)

It was when I was stoned. I don’t do that anymore, but one time…I ate a whole bag of pecan sandies, these Keebler cookies; two bags of cool ranch and nacho cheese Doritos. Those were full-size bags. I had three-fourths of a pizza, the works. And I had a California burrito.

Photo of Caryn Padowitz

Caryn Padowitz

From La Jolla (Student)

I was dating a guy that was over six feet, and real heavy. But I could always eat more than him. I played lacrosse and went to the gym back in high school and ate a lot. One time we were watching TV and I was really hungry. I got an entire rotisserie chicken and ate it. I was even picking the bones for extra meat. Oh, recently, someone made us this homemade Mexican food from scratch. It wasn’t very good, but there was a lot of it. By the time they got to desserts, we were stuffed. And they had every dessert imaginable…cake, cookies, ice cream. Everything.

Photo of Ben Schneider

Ben Schneider

From Chicago (Lawyer)

I don’t know if I could think of the biggest meal. Maybe some Thanksgiving. But the most painful would be each week. It’s like a contest to see if I can top the previous Saturday. I’m very religious, and on Saturday I don’t eat all morning. And we end up going right to someone’s house and have this stew. It has meat, beans, and potatoes in it. I eat so much, I get full and fall asleep.

Photo of Veronica Flood

Veronica Flood

From Foothill Ranch (IT Development)

It was at my aunt’s restaurant in New Jersey. We had a seven-course meal to die for. I can’t believe on the trip I was still able to lose five pounds. I’d finish one plate, and there was another. Filet Mignon and potatoes.… I felt like rolling the three blocks home. The funniest thing is that my aunt was giving me crap about my weight on that trip, then she stuffed me at her restaurant.

Photo of Dan Ewing

Dan Ewing

From El Cerrito (Manager)

I had a brother that was a fine dining chef at Baleen’s in Miami. It opened up here in Mission Beach. When it was there and I was visiting, I had this bad-ass six-course meal. We basically got to taste everything on the menu. He would bust out everything. He’s a chef at the Omni here now, so maybe I’ll pay him a visit.

Photo of Scott Kaplan

Scott Kaplan

From Pacific Beach (Surfboard Shaper)

It was two years ago on Thanksgiving. My two roommates were trying to outdo each other. Both are great cooks. They were doing lots of prep in the afternoon, and it was eating all day long. By 8:00 p.m. I was so full and ended up asleep on the couch.


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