Have you ever given a gift anonymously?

Asked by Josh Board

July 23, 2008

Photo of Chris Andrews

Chris Andrews

From Rio Linda (Machinist)

Yes, chlamydia. Oh, um, do you mean something they were happy to receive? Let me think. Actually, a few weeks ago, I was in Denny’s, and there were some Marines eating. I sent them over some pies anonymously. I figured, hey, these are our soldiers. So, I just thought I’d send them over some pies.

Photo of Emily Ellis

Emily Ellis

From Mission Valley (Dog Trainer)

My only anonymous gift was when my work did a secret-Santa thing. I gave a Starbucks gift card. But, we had a $15 limit so I couldn’t really go crazy on the gift. Oh, I also pick up dog poop from other people’s dogs. That’s not really a gift. Well, actually it is. It’s a gift to the community.

Photo of Jen Brown

Jen Brown

From Mission Bay (Accountant)

I can’t recall giving a gift anonymously. Usually when you hand someone a gift, they know who it’s from. And on Christmas, they always have those cards that say “To” and “From” on the tag. Well, there was a time I mowed someone’s lawn. They were going through cancer treatments, and I noticed their lawn was getting long, so I just mowed it anonymously.

Photo of Regina Hall

Regina Hall

From Sorrento Valley (Manager)

I am not sure this counts, but as a kid growing up in Columbus, Ohio, I was Mormon. And my youth group was always involved in community-service things. One of the things we did often was bake cookies for people. We would leave them on doorsteps anonymously. You know, a survey was done once where 150 people were given a certain amount of money. They could buy a gift for themselves and with the same amount of money buy a gift for someone else. They always felt better when they gave the gift.

Photo of Laura Harris

Laura Harris

From Mission Beach (Waitress)

I have done that lots of times.... There was a time I had a best friend who was really having some financial problems, so I bought her groceries and left them on her doorstep. I spent around $100. She never found out it was me and still doesn’t know.

Photo of Bob Koch

Bob Koch

From Chico (Retired)

I don’t think I ever have. I mean, what’s the point? I guess if you knew someone who really needed a certain thing and they couldn’t afford it, and you wanted to buy it for them. It might make them feel better, and you wouldn’t want them feeling awkward or like they had to repay you. There are a lot of rich people that donate anonymously to charities or give to people that are less fortunate. They might have to do it that way so they don’t keep dealing with others that want something from them.


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