What was your favorite thing at the Fair?

Asked by Josh Board

July 2, 2008

Photo of Angela Zakinova

Angela Zakinova

From San Diego (Student)

It was this thing that spins. It went over really loud music, and the guy went crazy. I’m not sure what it’s called. It’s by the water ride. Maybe it’s the Dragon something. I think it’s the Soundwave — that’s it. We just couldn’t stop laughing. I think I lost some weight on that thing.

Photo of Elena Lenkova

Elena Lenkova

From San Carlos (Student)

My favorite thing…if it was a ride, there was this one you sit in. I think it was called Crazy Mouse. I’m not sure. My favorite food item? I’d have to say the ice cream at Pat’s Place. I got chocolate.

Photo of Craig Slike

Craig Slike

From EastLake (Reality Show Contestant)

The Krispy Kreme jelly donut chicken sandwich was the best. Maybe that’s because I was expecting it to be nasty and it was delicious. It didn’t need condiments with the jelly. The worst was the pickle that was marinated in Kool-Aid. That was just disgusting.

Photo of Luc Feurier

Luc Feurier

From Encinitas (Student)

It might be the Slingshot, but it cost $30 to ride, or $25 to ride it with a friend. That’s expensive. That’s why some of my friends didn’t ride it. I’ve been on scarier things that hung you upside down. You feel secure on this, with the three straps. The best ride here that you don’t pay extra for is probably “Speed.” That’s the tower with an arm on each side and it flips.

Photo of Teresa Smith

Teresa Smith

From San Diego (Cashier)

If it’s a food item, I like the Polish sausage. For a drink, I’d have to say the lemonade. I don’t know if I could pick a ride, though. I haven’t been over to the rides. And, a lot of those are always the same thing, just spinning and swirling around all over the place.

Photo of Cynthia Lapponte

Cynthia Lapponte

From Fallbrook (Advertising)

It’s the company. I always come with Barbara. And we have our ritual each year. We start with the turkey legs. Then we look at the farm animals. We have the cinnamon buns. And all the fair cuisine. You can’t just pick one thing. With the fair, it’s the whole enchilada.


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