What do you want to see more of, and less of, in 2008?

Asked by Josh Board

January 16, 2008

Bob Benson

From Mira Mesa (Military)

I’d like to see less of Stephen Colbert. He’s good, but that whole act is tired. It’s getting old. And Beckham. He’s everywhere. He’s this huge star and he can’t even play soccer. I don’t want to see less of Britney Spears. I love watching that train wreck. I’d like to see more of Christopher Hitchens. He’s an interesting fellow, and during the elections, it would be nice to hear from him.

Joanna Lydersen

From Banker's Hill (Dancer)

My picks for people I’d like to see more of would all be music theater types. That’s my thing. I’m involved with Eveoke, a dance troupe in town. And, it seems that you don’t see enough of music theater the way you do Hollywood celebrities. I would like to see a lot less of Britney Spears. But she was just in the news again last night. I don’t think that’s going to slow down in 2008.

Kevin Mongeon

From La Jolla (Bartender)

Really, this list is a no brainer. I want to see less of tax collectors. Less of my boss. Oh, and less of my coworkers, too. Less of politicians. Less of any celebrity that goes to rehab, like Lindsey Lohan or Britney Spears. I would like to see less of my doctor. I had surgery on my elbow and also on my knee. I can’t really think of anyone I’d like to see more of.

Dale Buske

From Minnesota (Math Professor)

I would like to see less of Britney Spears. I guess the whole Spears family can now be included on that list. Less Britney, more Beyoncé. And more Gary Coleman. You just don’t see enough of him, do you? I’d like to see more of John H. Conway. He’s a famous mathematician. There was once a few thousand people waiting to hear him speak, and he didn’t show up. He can be kind of offensive, but he’s incredibly brilliant.

Danielle Janda

From La Jolla (Waitress)

I would say Britney Spears. Guess what list she’s on? Not like seeing more Kevin Federline is any better, especially for those kids. I’d like to see more regular people that actually benefit society and do positive things. I’d like to see more of beginning athletes, not the famous, arrogant ones; young guys trying to make it big. If it’s stories, I’d like to see more on popular bands and not so much on local bands. I like to read about bigger groups, to know what concerts I’m going to go see.

Alan Price

From San Diego (Construction Foreman)

I would prefer to see less of Gerald. He’s a local musician and an engineer. I tend to run into him everywhere. If you mean famous people, I’d prefer to see less of that spider monkey George W. And of course, Michael Vick. But with him going to jail, I guess we will see less of him. And speaking of football players, you can throw Terrell Owens and the New England Patriots on that list. As far as who I’d like to see more, I’d have to say Shakira. I love the way she moves. I’ve always wondered if she moves like that all the time, if you know what I mean.


Anonymous Jan. 25, 2008 @ 11:01 a.m.

I want to she less of Donald Trump, Bill Gates and Michael Dell. No more Osama Bin Laden tapes.

An shut down KUSI with all those crazy people on the news!


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