What was the happiest day of your life?

Asked by Josh Board

January 9, 2008

Photo of Amy Jaramillo

Amy Jaramillo

From Hillcrest (Case Manager)

It’s every day in my life. Oh, well, if I have to pick one, I’ll say going to Switzerland with my boyfriend recently. We spent time in the capital. I got to meet his family. I saw the Swiss Alps, the highest peaks, which were 1100 feet. I got to speak a few languages and eat lots of chocolate and lots of fondue.

Photo of Jasmine Janecek

Jasmine Janecek

From Solana Beach (Building Plan Checker)

My days are all happy. If I had to say one, I’ll go with my last birthday. We all went out for Mexican food. We went to Live Wire after that and had cake. We had some delicious tres leches. And, of course, we did some shots. I ended up puking on the pretty red dress my mom got me. I ended up passed out on the bathroom floor.

Photo of Kimberli Kirsten

Kimberli Kirsten

From Vista (Cleaning Service)

Well, since that’s so hard to say, and there’s a lot to pick from, I will tell you what my happiest day would be. It would be if I woke up and everything was positive around me. When I go to pick up my kids, everyone would be smiling. There would be no traffic, and the cars on the road, nobody doing anything crazy or cutting people off. I’d get the perfect parking spot. I’d be positive to other people, too. And the day would end with a good book and a glass of wine.

Photo of Frances Pedraza

Frances Pedraza

From Oceanside (Maid)

I would have to say when my children were born. My oldest is ten, and my other just turned nine. Another really good day was when my entire family went to Florida on vacation. Just having us all there together and spending that time with one another made it a very special time.

Photo of Randy Roberts

Randy Roberts

From Chicago (Business Owner)

I would say when I met my wife Gayle. I have to say that or I’ll be in trouble. We worked at the same restaurant when we were teenagers and started dating fairly soon after we met. It was in the early ’80s. I went away to college, but we did the long-distance thing. We broke up a few times but always ended up getting back together. Now we run a business together. We just traveled out here on vacation. They’re all great days, but if I had to pick one, it’s the day I met her.

Photo of Grace Tudor

Grace Tudor

From San Diego (Waitress)

It was when I drove from Illinois to California after days on the road. I’m from East Peoria. I had got in so late, and it was crazy on the interstate. I was lost for two hours. But, after all that driving, getting my first apartment ever and getting some sleeping, and just being so happy at that moment. That was the best day.


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