What's the worst gift you've ever received?

Asked by Josh Board

January 2, 2008

Gayle Roberts

From Chicago (Business Owner)

It was this meat train thing I got. I’m a vegetarian. I was able to give it to my husband, though. I also got a sweater. It was from the same person. My sister-in-law. It had these knitted balls. One was on each shoulder and one over each of my breasts. They were walnut size, and they looked like fabric pasties. It was an ugly sweater.

Ivette Sanchez

From Del Mar (Waitress)

I don’t know. I can’t think of anything I received that I didn’t like. Oh wait…last Christmas. It was a gift exchange thing. I got this plastic snowman. It wasn’t a snow globe or anything remotely cool. It was just this plastic piece of junk. If you get batteries, it lights up. I still have it someplace. But the other gifts they had were a DVD player. There was a bed set I wouldn’t have minded getting.

Nicole Gonsalves

From La Jolla (Lab Tech)

The thing that comes immediately to mind is clothing. I’ve gotten some ugly clothing over the years. Some really hideous sweaters that had reindeers all over them. I might wear it once in front of the person that gave it to me and then never again. I’ll try to keep the clothes for a length of time. That takes away the guilt I have when I get rid of it. I might subconsciously leave it at someone’s house or it just somehow disappears and is no longer in my closet.

John May

From Mira Mesa (Guitarist)

It was from my first wife. She kept asking me over and over what I wanted for Christmas. I said that the only thing I wanted was an annual pass to Disneyland. That was it. A simple request to follow. So, what does she get me? A year pass to the zoo. That is not the same thing! Was I mad? Well…we are no longer married.

Jeff Dreifuss

From Mira Mesa (Restaurant Employee)

It was from my grandparents. I guess most people have gotten bad gifts from grandparents. They gave me these patent white leather shoes. They had big, silver shoe laces. They didn’t even have a black sole. I think it was a manila color. And they were way too big for me. They were the ugliest shoes I’ve ever owned.

Nicohl Doss

From San Marcos (Waitress)

It was either the losing lottery ticket I got as a gift or a bra. It was way too big. I guess I was a bit flattered by it, at first. But it is a bit of a bummer that I couldn’t fit into it. My boss got a singing Jesus, though. I think she mentioned that once as being her worst gift.


Robert Padilla Jan. 3, 2008 @ 4:07 p.m.

I love the 'singing jesus' that's funny as hell! I think everyone's gotten clothes at one time or another that they didn't like that's probably why gift cards have become so prevalent over the past 10 years. The worst gift I ever received was a blue my little pony with a pink hairbrush... also the most embarassing. Doe's anyone know a good therapist? LOL


Josh Board April 14, 2008 @ 10:50 p.m.

I think gift cards are horrible, though. If someone is going to do that, why not give money? Unless you're giving them to a kid, which is fine. But, to give another adult a gift card, is just insane. Nobody should ever know the amount the gift is. I mean, what if you give someone a $25 gift card for a fancy restaurant, where $25 doesn't even buy you appetizers? The only time gift cards work, in my opinion, is if you buy them for the trash collector, or letter carrier. It's easy to tape to the mail box, and you know they'll be able to use it. And, a $10 or $25 amount is fine, since it's not someone you know personally.


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