Does the opposite sex have it easier?

Asked by Josh Board

February 27, 2008

Photo of Donna Duarte

Donna Duarte

From El Cajon (Cyclist)

I would say yeah. My daughter and I are cyclists. And on the regional and national level, it’s an uphill battle being female. Race promoters don’t have as many categories, and they prefer the men’s categories because there is more money and also more races. All the prize money is geared towards the men’s side. Women are lucky to even win grocery money. And for women over 35, races are unheard of. For those reasons, it’s easier for guys.

Photo of Amanda Oswald

Amanda Oswald

From Carmel Valley (Student)

My thinking is that men don’t have anything any easier. With all the women’s rights and everything, I don’t think it’s possible for men to get away with anything. There will always be a woman behind them, making sure they get fair treatment. Maybe years ago it was easier for men, but not anymore.

Photo of Tim McNulty

Tim McNulty

From Allied Gardens (Waiter)

Of course they do. They have beers bought for them. They have doors opened for them. They get their books carried to school. Men hold their chairs out. The list of advantages women have goes on and on.

Photo of Jason Miller

Jason Miller

From San Carlos (Manager)

I don’t think it’s easier for women. I think there are too many different avenues. I think some things are easier for women, but then there are other things that are harder for women. More women work now than they used to back in the Leave It to Beaver days. But even then, who said staying home and taking care of a household was easier than the husband going to work.

Photo of Myrna Smith

Myrna Smith

From San Diego (Project Coordinator)

I am a woman working in the construction industry and see every day how men have it easier than women. Women have to work harder to prove themselves, whereas men don’t. Men are given more opportunities to advance, grow, and learn, whereas women have to fight and struggle for them. I am currently the president of National Association of Women in Construction in San Diego, and we promote education, growth, and success for women in the industry with different educational opportunities.

Photo of Geraldine Mary

Geraldine Mary

From Santee (Consultant)

It goes both ways, really. It’s definitely much easier to please a man than a woman, in a lot of ways, if you know what I mean. We women seem to each have our own recipe, and we leave it up to the man to figure out. That has to be difficult for men. But for women, putting on makeup every day is a bear. Messing with your eyebrows, shaving your legs… sometimes I wish I was a man so I could go out without make-up.


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