Have you ever been in love?

Asked by Josh Board

February 20, 2008

Photo of Daniel Lum

Daniel Lum

From Clairemont (Real Estate)

I am right now. She lives in Istanbul, Turkey. She came out a year ago and was an au pair. Her father passed away, and she went back home to take care of her family. She’s very practical and wants to take care of her family. But I think someone has to move, soon. I was in love a long time ago. But that didn’t work out.

Photo of Michelle Moore

Michelle Moore

From Clairemont (Student)

My boyfriend now is the love of my life. And, I’ve known him since elementary school, although we didn’t start dating until the second year of college. I go to UCSD. He was back in my hometown of San Jose and was actually calling me about someone else that liked me. But, I guess you can say that ended up backfiring.

Photo of Koji Chavez

Koji Chavez

From Clairemont (Host)

I met my love at the Semester at Sea that the University of Virginia put on. We went to visit all the Latin American countries. And, halfway into our trip, we started hanging around together. I spent all my money on our love nest in Costa Rica. She lives in Pittsburgh, and so it’s hard doing the long-distance thing.

Photo of Marcus Knight

Marcus Knight

From La Jolla (Movie Theater Employee)

I was with this woman for about a year. We met at a conference in San Jose. That was when I lived in Riverside. We spent the entire night together during that conference, and I fell in love with her. I’m not sure how common it is for people to meet at conferences. But we eventually ended up going our separate ways.

Photo of Kameron Ng

Kameron Ng

From La Jolla (Clerk)

I was with a girl I loved, but it ended five months ago. We were together for two years. She came in to where I worked. She was actually a customer in here first. She was working at Baskin-Robbins and offered me an ice cream, and then we started hanging out.

Photo of Dan Plainview

Dan Plainview

From San Diego (Photography)

I think everyone has probably been in love at one point in their life, whether it’s puppy love when you’re in grade school or your first love in college. I fell in love with a girl that played on the tennis team while I was in college. We dated for two years, and when she went to Colorado to get her Ph.D., we emailed and talked on the phone every day. Before rollover minutes, I once had a $200 phone bill. She ended up staying there, and I’m still here. I wish we could’ve worked it out.


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