What's the best way to get over a broken heart?

Asked by Josh Board

February 6, 2008

Photo of Sean Guinn

Sean Guinn

From La Mesa (Student)

It’s eating cookies and brownies. That, and a good tearjerker. It’s all about movies. Something that has a sad part, but it ends with a good part. A nice happy ending. A movie like High Fidelity, where the guy goes through his mind all the women that messed him up, and he goes back to meet with some of them.

Photo of Rita Coranado

Rita Coranado

From Point Loma (Bartender)

My advice to men is that the best way to get over one woman is to get under another one. Getting over broken hearts…that reminds me of the Bee Gees song “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?” I’ve never had a broken heart. I’m the one that breaks them. But, I guess you cry a lot, eat chocolate, and take long showers being depressed.

Photo of Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson

From Bay Park (Computers)

Really, getting with someone else is the best thing to do. It’s like tearing a Band-Aid off really quickly. You want all the intimacy and affection of someone else, even if it’s just a quick fix to make you stop thinking about the one who broke your heart. And, finding someone else, even just for a quick fix, is the easiest way to start getting over the person you cared about.

Photo of Charlie Dimes

Charlie Dimes

From Del Mar (Musician)

I don’t want to say any clichés like “This will pass.” I guess it all depends on who broke your heart. I might tell a friend that they are better off without them. Other times, I might have to be nice because you know it’s going to be a drag for a while. And even though you might know in a few weeks they’ll be over it, they don’t want to hear that it’s happened to everyone. That’s something they aren’t in the mood to hear.

Photo of Richard Harrison

Richard Harrison

From La Mesa (Framer)

I think everyone has been there. If it happened to someone I know, I’d tell them to just get over it. You’ll eventually find someone else. The person you are pursuing right now is probably not the one for you. And, it’s always easier to tell others what to do than when it happens to you. Sometimes you sit and listen. But I don’t think enough people just tell their friends to shut up and get over it. They condone their pouting.

Photo of Jennifer Albright

Jennifer Albright

From Los Angeles (VA Tech)

I would just tell them to suck it up and deal. People have to learn to just get over that stuff and not run around pouting about it. There’s so many people; billions of people in the world, and they’re going to whine over one failed relationship? I guess that’s me giving them some tough love.


Anonymous Feb. 8, 2008 @ 12:38 p.m.

The bset way is fine a rebound friend with benefits.


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