What phrase or saying do you hate?

Asked by Josh Board

December 3, 2008

Photo of Maria Peterson

Maria Peterson

From North Park (Skin Care)

I’ve always hated it when people say, “That hit the spot.” I don’t know why. Maybe because it’s usually big, fat gross guys. And they have their hands on their stomachs. For some reason, that just creeps me out. I can’t think of any other phrases that really bother me. Or if they do, they just aren’t said enough for me to remember them.

Photo of Jeremy Frombach

Jeremy Frombach

From Los Angeles (Vintage Motorcycle Business)

I hate when people say, “Get ’er done!” Maybe it’s because I hate that man that says it. Is it really that funny a phrase? It seems like that’s such a big part of his routine. I hear the phrase a lot when I talk to this old guy in Wisconsin that I do business with. Although, it never really bothers me when he says it. I’ll be asking about something, and he just kind of ends his sentences by saying, “We’ll get ’er done.”

Photo of Lucy Duarte

Lucy Duarte

From Hillcrest (Clerk)

"‘That’s what she said.” I hate that phrase. People need to just stop saying it. It got so popular because of The Office. And I have to admit, I used to actually say it. There was a time I thought it was funny. But there reaches a point when you just get sick and tired of hearing it.

Photo of Elana Andrew

Elana Andrew

From New York (Housewife)

It has to be what my kids say all the time. It’s “in a minute.” It doesn’t matter what you ask them, they’ll say, “In a minute.” And it rarely ends up being just a minute later. They have other variations of that, too. They might say, “I’ll get to it,” after you ask them to do some of the chores.

Photo of Rafael Lopez

Rafael Lopez

From Downtown (Cashier)

I have a lot of them that I hate. It could be things people say when I’m at work, or customers. I can’t think of a lot of them right now, but the one that I do hate, and it’s a bit random: it’s when people win anything…the lottery, the Super Bowl, and they say, “First off, I want to thank God.” Why are they thanking God for something they accomplished? Was God going against the team that lost?

Photo of Emanuel Martinez

Emanuel Martinez

From Mission Valley (Student)

"‘It is what it is.” I hate that expression. For some reason, when people say it, I think it’s just a cop-out. You may want some explanation for something or just a proper answer to a question. When someone says that, it does neither. And I hear the phrase often. On a scale of one to ten, the amount of times I hear it is probably an eight.


shizzyfinn Dec. 3, 2008 @ 6:01 p.m.

"I could care less." Which is supposed to be "I couldn't care less." Dammit.

And hear hear on the ridiculousness of "I'd like to thank God." As if God personally arranged the little success being celebrated. As if there is a God.

But I can't agree with the dissing of "That's what she said." Maybe I've got too much in common with Michael from The Office, but when used effectively, that line strikes me as comic gold. And sometimes it is funny just because it annoys other people.


Spud Davenport Dec. 3, 2008 @ 6:13 p.m.

IRREGARDLESS! It's not a word! What morons... stop it.


Josh Board Dec. 6, 2008 @ 1:22 a.m.

My racquetball partner hates "I could care less." He always calls people on that.

The God thing is funny. That's why that beer commercial was so great where a guy wins an Oscar and says, "First, I'd like to thank the big guy, upstairs. The man living in apartment 3A, for all the Bud Light he brought me."

I agree, shizzy. "that's what she said," is comic gold for so many reasons. One, if it's used in the correct spot, it is funny. Two, if it's not used in the right spot, that's funny, too. Simply because it's Michael trying so hard to use it, and not succeeding.


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