If you could have any question answered, what would it be?

Asked by Josh Board

August 20, 2008

Emmett Logan

From Escondido (Retired)

Why me? I would ask God, or whoever, why did I have a stroke at 13. I was in the hospital for two years. I had two strokes and some respiratory problems and medical conditions. I’d ask why I’m still here and kicking.

Keith Robertson

From Sydney, Australia (Musician)

My question would be why they shot and killed John Lennon. Was it just some crazy guy? Was it the government? I want answers to this. He was a big star, and he was a great musician and songwriter. He was all about spreading love and happiness, and they killed him. I want to know why.

Alonzo Lopez

From Rosarito, Mexico (Firefighter)

I’m not sure. Who am I asking the question to? Is it God? It might be a contradiction. Maybe I don’t believe in God. In my culture, Catholicism is the main religion. I’m Catholic, too. But I have so many questions I’d like to ask about that. I’d have questions about miracles. I might want to ask why everyone doesn’t have happiness and why there is suffering.

Ian Frazier

From Pacific Beach (Photographer)

I wasn’t sure what question to ask. If you ask if there’s a God or about God, or if you ask something about alien life on other planets or some deep question, and then the question is answered — well, nobody would believe me. They’d just think I was nuts. So if any question could be answered for me, I’d ask what is the easiest and fastest way to make $10 million.

Sophie Khrash

From East County (Assisted Living)

I would ask about me and my loved ones. I’d ask about the rough path we have gone through. I would want advice and to know about any future obstacles we might have to face.

Casey Cheal

From Chula Vista (Home Care)

I would ask if things would’ve turned out different if I had my dad. I never knew him. I think I probably would’ve been the same. I had a stepfather. I just didn’t know anything about my father, and I guess I’d like to have some questions answered about how my life would’ve been different and just know more about him.


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