What has been your worst outcome from oversleeping?

Asked by Josh Board

August 13, 2008

Photo of Alfredo Loperena

Alfredo Loperena

From Chula Vista (Federal Agent)

It was when I was in the Marines and was 19. I was in TJ and had a little to drink. In the morning I didn’t hear the alarm. I woke up late and had to be at Pendleton. I was flying from San Ysidro. It was foggy, and I was half asleep. At the 54 and 805 exit, I lost control of my car, and it flipped three or four times. The seat belt saved me. I had a broken ankle and some abrasions.

Photo of Matt Hoffman

Matt Hoffman

From New York (Grad Student)

I missed half a final. I had to take the class again. It was at a college 40 miles east of L.A., in Claremont, around 2001. It was around the time of all those brown-outs, and I had to reset my alarm. I think I pressed p.m. instead of a.m., and I didn’t wake up until an hour and a half later than I should have. I wasn’t doing great in the class anyway. I asked the professor to give me more time. He said no, because he had somewhere he had to be.

Photo of Roman deSalvo

Roman deSalvo

From San Diego (Artist)

In college we had a field trip at 6:00 a.m. It was required for the class. I had been working — valet parking until 2:00 a.m. — that morning. The alarm didn’t go off. Maybe I didn’t set it or I slept through it. That was 23 years ago, but I remember it did have an adverse effect on my grade.

Photo of Diana deSalvo

Diana deSalvo

From San Diego (Aesthetician)

It was my first day of high school. My mom had lectured me about how I’d have to get myself up and not be late for school. I overslept and missed the bus. I was afraid to call my mom at work. I just decided to call a cab. I didn’t have any money. When he got to my school, I just started bawling and told him what happened. He let me off the hook.


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