What do you think about politicians?

Asked by Josh Board

April 23, 2008

Photo of Didi Arceo

Didi Arceo

From Mira Mesa (Accountant)

I’m from the Philippines. I haven’t been there in a long time, but they’re corrupt over there. I think here, they’re clean. I’m really not into everything behind the political process. I always liked Bush. And his father, too. Whoever is the president, I like. I don’t know what the difference is when there’s a different president, aside from the war. And nobody can probably do anything about that.

Photo of Natalie Pasqueralli

Natalie Pasqueralli

From Oceanside (Piano Teacher)

My first response is that they’re fake. They’re always out there kissing babies and shaking hands, smiling at everything. They aren’t really offering solutions to problems. I have a degree, so I took some classes. I know a little about the whole process. I’m just not that into it. I know what’s going on with the current candidates, and I listen to what they’re saying.

Photo of Mary Bellewright

Mary Bellewright

From Pasadena (Stenographer)

I was down with Obama for a while. I like Hillary more now. Of all their policies, I’m saying Hillary for ’08. Although they are similar, I like her version of what she wants. Normally I vote for the best looking. McCain looks like he’s 200 years old. Back when he was a POW, he was hot. I know that seems shallow. But seriously, have you seen those photos of McCain when he was young?

Photo of Alan Thomas

Alan Thomas

From Vista (SDG&E)

I kind of like Ron Paul. He’s a breath of fresh air. Everyone else…shame on them. We need a third party. Hillary…it’s actually Billary. The candidates that are running now are all part of the establishment. I remember when Ross Perot ran. I really thought he had a shot at it. There is so much about politics that bothers me that sometimes a person like Ron Paul is refreshing.

Photo of Chelsea Delgado

Chelsea Delgado

From Vista (Student)

I am not into politics at all. So, I’m not really sure I could give a great answer to this question. I mean, I’ll listen to what they have to say. But since they’re politicians, I just can’t give it much credibility. And, when there’s an election, you just see them on TV so often and you sometimes tune it all out.

Photo of Parks Stevenson

Parks Stevenson

From Carmel Valley (Navy)

I think every successful politician has had to make some compromise or shady deal to get where they are. They compromise some of their values. I recently went on this site that was talking about Al Gore and all his green stuff. It seems like that’s just for one side to praise him or another to knock him. I’d rather have the scientists debate that issue and then tell us what we can do about it. I don’t want politicians telling us...and taxing us when I don’t know what the tax is used for. I’ve know politicians that have gotten into office and became so discouraged. It’s not even a matter of which side you’re on.


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