What's the first movie you saw?

Asked by Josh Board

April 9, 2008

Photo of Paola Najera

Paola Najera

From Chula Vista (Student)

It was so long ago, let me think. It was called Secret Window. Wait, I’m not sure if that was it. Maybe the first movie was It. That was the Stephen King movie. It was in the ’80s, and I was probably eight years old at the time. It gave me nightmares. Because of that movie, I still think clowns are scary.

Photo of Angela Orris

Angela Orris

From Poway (Student)

My first film was probably a kids’ movie. I just can’t remember which one. The first grown-up movie I saw was Misery. When you’re a kid, that has a big impact on you. I think I saw a video of it when my family rented it. We weren’t supposed to watch movies like that, but we were sitting there and saw it. Although, now that I think about it, I saw Friday the 13th when I was ten, so maybe my parents didn’t care if I saw scary movies.

Photo of Kara Studebaker

Kara Studebaker

From Poway (Student)

I think it was The Little Mermaid. I loved the musical aspects of it, too. We owned it, and I was probably small when it came out in the theaters. Well, it’s 20 years old now, and I’m 20. I would sing all the songs, and every Disney movie had a princess. And every girl probably wishes they were the princess.

Photo of Mindi Garcia

Mindi Garcia

From Poway (Waitress)

It was E.T. I was really young. Probably the same age as Drew Barrymore in it. I saw it at home, not in the theater. I remember the scene with all the Skittles on the floor. Or were they M&Ms? I can’t recall. I remember it scared me at first, and then…well, it actually scared me pretty much all the way through.

Photo of Sherry Denton

Sherry Denton

From Poway (Retired)

It was called The Moon Is Blue. It had William Holden and David Niven. I remember it was considered risqué at the time, because they used the word “rape,” which you didn’t do back then. I was 11, and this was in the ’40s. I remember at the movies, they would show a few cartoons, and then a newsreel of whatever war or important happenings were going on. When TV came around, they gave prizes during intermission, to keep people interested. My great-grandmother won a Buick.

Photo of Nona McClure

Nona McClure

From San Marcos (Retired)

I think it had Margaret O’Brien in it. The first movie I remember well, though, was probably with Shirley Temple. Every girl back then got the perm and danced. I was four years old, and I remember the song “Good Ship Lollipop.” She acted so grown up, I tried acting just like her.


Sezio April 11, 2008 @ 12:03 a.m.

I would say the first movie I saw was The Gods Must Be Crazy. That movie has GOT to be the worlds stupidest movie ever made by Hollywood.I mean what kind of an air plane pilot who flys several thousand feet and then litters the ground of an African village.What an idiot!!!


Josh Board April 11, 2008 @ 1:03 a.m.

Are you joking? That movie was amazing.


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