What famous person have you been told you look like?

Asked by Josh Board

April 2, 2008

Photo of Andrew Lucas

Andrew Lucas

From South Park (Real Estate)

I get told I look like Jeff Bridges every day. And, I saw him at MoPA with his photo exhibit. He was surrounded by women. I’ve been told I look like Bill Maher. When I met him, he had a blonde on each arm. I told him people say I look like him, and he said, “Sorry to hear that.” I used to hear Nick Nolte in his old days, not his recent mug shots. I’ve heard Richard Gere. But it’s Bridges most often. At a bar in Chicago, they let me drink for free, and the paper mentioned the next day that Jeff Bridges had stopped in, when it was me.

Photo of Harold Moore

Harold Moore

From Tierrasanta (Life Insurance Underwriter)

Most recently…well, when I was in college, I used to hear James Van Der Beek. Back in high school, I used to hear Chris O’Donnell. Now, I don’t usually get told that a lot. Someone might say a name of somebody you look like, but it’s never the same name consistently, like it was back in college and high school.

Photo of John Dibble

John Dibble

From La Mesa (Regional Sales Manager)

I hear Greg Kinnear a lot. Probably a few times a week. This guy over here just said I look like Mike Reno, the singer from Loverboy. That’s not something you want to hear.

Photo of Christian Dorko

Christian Dorko

From Santa Fe, New Mexico (Construction)

I get mistaken for someone else often. Not necessarily famous people. In Vegas, at the Hard Rock, this guy came up. He said, “Hey, man, that was a great show.” He kept going on and didn’t believe I wasn’t who he thought I was. He thought I just didn’t want to be recognized. Since a lot of people don’t have dreads, when they see me, they just think they’ve met me somewhere before. Or they think I can sell them some weed.

Photo of Tom Steiner

Tom Steiner

From Encinitas (Entertainer)

have people come up to me every day and say, “You know who you look like?” They’re surprised when I respond, “Gene Wilder.” They think they’re the first person to think of this. I look at myself in the mirror, and don’t really see it. Everyone else does, though. I even sent a letter to his agent once, with my picture. I said if he ever needs a younger brother in a movie, they should call me. My wife’s car got mistaken for a famous person’s car. We went to see Wayne Brady, and the personalized plate is an abbreviated version of “Laugh maker.” There were so many notes left on the windshield.

Photo of Dick Spenneberge

Dick Spenneberge

From Ocean Beach (Comedian)

Yeah, the Gerber baby. And, who else? Ah, the Sta-Puf Marshmallow Man. Sometimes Bob’s Big Boy. It used to bother me, but then I started using it in my act, and it got a few laughs.


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