What bugs freak you out?

Asked by Josh Board

September 27, 2007

Photo of Nicole Vuckovich

Nicole Vuckovich

From Mission Valley (Waitress)

It would be spiders and cockroaches. They totally freak me out. I saw a huge cockroach at the mall once. It was, like...blah. And spider webs everywhere. They are annoying. I also hate silverfish in the bathroom, crawling out of the bathtub.

Kelly Shiloff

From University City (Florist)

I don't like those green bugs that fly around. Jitterbugs, I think they are called. Or june bugs. They're weird and kind of scary looking. They are big and fluorescent green. They're also blind, and that's why they bump into things as they're flying around. I also hate flying termites.

Bonnie Vandewater

From North Park (Editor)

I don't like tarantulas. But I never come into contact with them, so...I would say june bugs. I grew up in the Midwest, and they'd always find their ways into swimming pools. You'd be swimming around, and every once in a while this creepy, coppery beetle would attach itself to your bathing suit. Not good.

Heather McCluskey

From Poway (Photographer)

I hate mosquitoes and everything about them. They poke you, and you don't even know it. You might not feel it right away. They bite you all over, and you end up itchy and scratching yourself the next day. I hate them buzzing around your ears, too.

Jennifer Rueben

From Escondido (Waitress)

I hate all of them! I don't want anything crawling on anything. If I had to pick a few of the worst, though, I might say cockroaches and those snapping ones with the pinchers. What are they called? Earwigs? They just look nasty. Ants don't really bother me, though.

Lily Perez

From Scripps Ranch (Waitress)

It would be spiders, although I'm not sure if those are really considered bugs. No other insects really bother me. But I sometimes freak out when I see spiders crawling on things. If I see a spider in the house, I'll go and get my dad. He'll have to squash it for me.


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