What's your all-time favorite commercial?

Asked by Josh Board

September 6, 2007

Nathan Robert

From Mira Mesa (Student)

I don't like commercials. It's a break in the show I'm watching. I like the Geico one, though. With the caveman, where they say it's so easy that even a caveman can do it. All the Peyton Manning ones are good. One is for ESPN, with he and his brother acting like little kids poking each other and their dad getting mad at them. The other where Manning acts like a fan, complimenting the newspaper boy's arm and telling the movers they aren't being booed, but the crowd is saying "mo-o-o-o-o-overs." Those are funny.

Laura de Sousa

From Mission Valley (Waitress)

My favorite is probably the old Budweiser one with the three frogs that say the name. I also liked that one -- I think it was for Kodak, but I'm not sure -- they play that Cure song "Pictures of You." That was a few years ago, too.

Oscar Roman

From Mission Valley (Waiter)

I like the one during the World Cup. It had all the soccer players playing a game against demons. All the big names were in it, like David Beckham. I lived in Spain and used to be a huge soccer fan. My friends all like the Geico commercials. I don't think those are that funny.

Megan Fox

From La Jolla (Student)

I loved the one from the Super Bowl a few years back. It had the Clydesdales for Anheuser-Busch. A donkey wanted to be part of the hitch. I think the donkey ends up auditioning. It makes this weird little noise that I just thought was so cute.

Chris Jones

From Del Cerro (Student)

I liked the Bud Light one a few years okay. These guys were skydiving, but they were really nervous. The instructor asks them if they'd jump for a six-pack of Bud. He then throws it out. As the couple is thinking about it, you see the pilot run by and jump out. He was still wearing his headset and everything. I think I only saw that during the Super Bowl. It was really funny.

Erica Zoll

From Carlsbad (Between jobs)

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, with Fabio. If I remember right, he's sitting with a woman and daydreaming. His hair was blowing in the breeze. I know that commercial is old. It probably came out ten years ago. But everyone probably still remembers it. I also liked the Snickers one, where a black guy is eating the candy bar and someone else is doing a folk song.


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