What would you like it to say on your tombstone and in the obituary?

Asked by Josh Board

October 11, 2007

Dennis Yount

From Encinitas (Project Manager)

It would be funny, I guess, to have the tombstone say "nice try." I haven't really thought about what I'd like an obituary to say about me. It could talk about what a good family I had and things like that.

Greta Lund

From Carlsbad (Massage Therapist)

My tombstone and obituary could both say "Dog lover, surfer, and friend to all." I'm very attached to nature. It could mention that I had a good time here, skiing, hiking, swimming, doing yoga, and bicycling. I have kids and would want them to party afterwards and celebrate.

Ron Marr

From San Diego (General Contractor)

It could say, "Try not to get too high, and keep from being too low." It could say I'm an eternal rock 'n' roller that never made it. I had soul, I played every instrument. But ya know, it's not all about money. I had my life invested in music.

Chrys Milano

From Everywhere (Jewelry Maker)

I would have the tombstone say, "Question Authority." I just lost my husband, so to think about what I want in my obituary is a hard one. He was my best friend for eight years. We played guitar together; I played lead, and he played rhythm. I travel a lot, selling my jewelry at Ren fairs. I guess my obit can mention my husband and how much I missed him.

Tom Barrias

From Mira Mesa (Post Office)

I already decided I'm going to be cremated. So, there wouldn't be anything written on a tombstone. Regarding an obituary -- wow -- I haven't really given it much thought. I would want it to talk about my family, and, if there was some way, to convey how lucky I've been in life. With everything. I was in a car accident that should've killed me. I used to do a lot of crazy things in my younger days that I should've gone to jail for. I think I'm lucky that I am still around.

Joy Stone

From Rancho Bernardo (Health Care)

It may sound weird, but I go to this website called Death Clock. They ask you info about yourself, your birth, if you're pessimistic, naughty, good, a politician, if you smoke, whatever. They then look at average lifespan, and they give you a date you'll die. Mine was February 16, 2060. I had a teacher once that told us about a grave in England, so this isn't the most original, but they loved BBQ so much they put a grill into his grave. I would want to do something like that. It would be unique, and an awesome urn.


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