Do you believe in aliens and UFOs?

Asked by Josh Board

November 29, 2007

Photo of Joe Murphy

Joe Murphy

From Brea (Educator)

It is something I've thought about. I mean, think about it, man, it's such a vast universe. And, to think, the planet is just like a speck, dude. It's like a pinhead in this huge universe. I don't know if the government is covering stuff up or not. People talk about that Area 51 or whatever. I just know there's so much out there we have yet to discover and know about.

Photo of Ted George

Ted George

From El Cajon (Landscaping)

My guess is no, they don't exist. But I think it would be fun to see one. I'm still waiting to be proven wrong after all these years. And, yeah, it would be cool to be wrong on this one. Someone needs to get some solid proof and not just fake-looking photos and film clips. And so many people have video cameras or cell phones with cameras that you'd think we'd be seeing some photos by now.

Photo of Damon Hyde

Damon Hyde

From El Cajon (Computer IT)

It doesn't sound impossible. But if they really want to kick us off Earth or take over, they wouldn't just be landing here and probing our butts. That just isn't very logical. And I've never seen any UFOs. I mean, I live in El Cajon, so I've seen a lot of strange things, but not aliens from space.

Photo of Michael Palombo

Michael Palombo

From Santee (Student)

I believe in them, yeah. I've never seen one, but I think anything is possible. I think the universe is too big for there to just be humans. Just look up at the stars in the night sky. Look at how vast it is. And, when others say they've seen UFOs, I tend to believe them.

Photo of Jason Molin

Jason Molin

From Mira Mesa (Waiter)

I wish you could talk to my manager. She could tell you some stories. She has a bunch of them. She'd talk to you for hours. I've never seen one. Are they out there? Oh, yeah. It's possible, sure. Somewhere out there, I have to think there could be some life forms other than just humans.

Photo of Andrew Carlson

Andrew Carlson

From Mission Valley (Waiter)

It would be ignorant for anyone to think we're alone in the universe. So, yeah, I definitely believe in that stuff. And I hear so much talk about it to not believe. I've just never seen one myself. And, hey...as long as they don't blow up our planet, I don't have any problems with them.


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