What's the dumbest thing you've ever done?

Asked by Josh Board

May 31, 2007

Chuck Osgood

From Cleveland (Lawyer)

I blacked out at a wedding. It was an open bar, in Mission Bay. I was drinking the entire day. After that, I drove to the Casbah for a show, then to the Ken Club. I ended up going to a third place. I woke up the next day and barely remembered a thing. Driving in that condition, I would say...that's pretty stupid.

James Weir

From Studio City (Singer)

I was 16. My mom was gone and I threw this huge party. I spent an entire day cleaning everything up so she wouldn't know. When my mom got home she called all my friends over. They're sitting there and she pulls out this list and starts reading it. She says, "Steve, six-pack of Corona. Dave, two bottles of rum." It goes on and on. I cleaned everything up but left the note sitting on the counter near the phone.

Wesley Johnston

From Bay Park (Self-employed)

I was 30 seconds late to a psych class. The teacher told me to leave. I thought it was a test at first. When I realized it wasn't, I said that I deserved an education. He told me to leave again. I said no. It went back and forth. I said, "I didn't realize I was in high school. Can you show me where the nearest college is?" He screamed, "Get out of my classroom now!" I asked if he could give me Saturday detention instead. He walked out and got campus security and the SDPD, and I was escorted out.

Gwen Brooks

From Vista (Student)

It goes a way back. I was 12. My brother was 10. We didn't know how to drive. My parents were at a party, and we took the spare keys to the station wagon. We got in the car and went back and forth on who would drive. He was in the driver's seat, and I told him to ease off the brake. He did that, and we went right through the garage. It caved right in on us. We were in such hot water. We got spanked and punished. When it came time for me to learn how to drive, I didn't even want to learn.

Karen Marinschaw

From Scripps Ranch (Consultant)

I was in my driveway and opened the door to let the dog in. He jumped on my foot and the pedal went down and I tried to steer the car away from the garage. It ended up hitting the front of the house and breaking the window. And, it hit the brick wall, completely splitting the car in two. I had opened the door before, and the dog jumped right into the passenger side.

Mario Fitzgerald

From Escondido (Guitarist)

It was getting married...twice. I apparently didn't learn the first time. I lost most of my money and personal items after the first divorce. I guess, as time goes by, we tend to forget how bad that experience was and it seems fine to do again. Let me just say that it's much worse the second time. I'll be paying for divorce number two for the rest of my life. I sometimes wonder if men were able to be legally married to two women simultaneously and they both sue for divorce, would the man then lose 100 percent of his stuff?


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