Which era do you wish you were born in, if not now?

Asked by Josh Board

May 17, 2007

Tom Streeter

From Mira Mesa (Retired Lawyer)

I would say 500 years from now. Technology would be so much better and life would be so much more pleasant. We could end world hunger and everyone would be well fed. That would be better for everyone, not just for those of us that aren't hungry.

Jillian Sorenson

From La Jolla (Self-employed)

The '60s and '70s. There would be that whole free-love thing. My boyfriend couldn't get pissed at me either. The whole sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll I can take or leave. It's just the sex I'd like from that era.

Christoph Maier

From Mission Valley (Engineer)

I would like to be the first living being on Earth. That way, I wouldn't have to deal with others. I would be the first reproducing DNA. Sorry, I know that's a smartass answer.

Shari Handy

From La Jolla (Sales Rep)

The '50s. Women were treated like ladies. Men didn't have to wonder where they stood. They had to ask the father for permission to marry. I liked the courtships. I loved the music. I liked the outfits. And the enthusiasm they had for high school, the hairstyles, the feminism. Women weren't necessarily submissive, but... It's all very confusing right now.

Michelle Biscan

From North Park (Student)

I would have to say anytime in the future. Every era in the past wasn't great from the perspective of the female. Imagine China in the early days, with the foot binding. Or what if I was a peasant in the fields? And it seems things gradually get better for women, so I'd have to say the future.

Tracy Hanak

From Del Mar (Sales)

I can't decide between being a Greek goddess or living in the 1920s. In the Roaring '20s, the war was over and it was a wealthy time. The military was all back home. It was a prosperous time. People were partying and seemed happy.


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