What law would you change and why?

May 10, 2007

Sally Boettcher

From Virginia (Sales Manager)

In Virginia, it's against the law to have oral sex. But, it's not like the police are going to come into my house and bust my fiancé and I. It's still stupid, though. I would change the law that won't allow cursing on the beach. They have signs with symbols all over, saying it's a friendly park.

Beth Popa

From Poway (Office Manager)

Well, I'm from the U.K. I'd change a law over there. My mom was killed by a driver that pleaded insanity because he was schizophrenic. My dad was left disabled and had to sell the house and couldn't work because of the accident. The insurance company didn't have to pay because they said they wouldn't have written the policy if they knew this guy was insane. The courts agreed, and we got nothing.

Greg Miller

From Eastlake (Pool Builder)

The three-strikes law. It costs tax payers too much money, and it's hard punishment. I arrested someone for stealing Levi's when I was a security guard. They locked him up for life. I would change that. It should only be for violent crime. Do you realize it costs $1.4 million to house him?

Stephen Pamperin

From Scottsdale, Arizona (Engineer)

I would legalize drugs and prostitution. They will exist no matter what. It's better to control. It's ineffective the way things are. We are spending billions of dollars. We would be able to tax drugs and then help people that have drug problems.

Lolita Johnson

From Ramona (Actress)

The speed limit. I'd like to go as fast as I need to go to get there. Usually 80 is my slow speed. I usually go fast, except in residential areas, because people could get hurt. It should be like the Autobahn on the freeways, though. If they see me coming, get out of the way.

Dick Darlington

From Del Cerro (Bartender)

I want California to be an at-fault state. It's a no-fault state now. So, if a spouse cheats, they're still entitled to half of everything. I think that should be changed. There are three states that are that way. Maybe it's everything east of Mississippi.


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