What is your dream job?

Asked by Josh Board

March 1, 2007

Manuel Duarte

From El Cajon (Customer Service Rep)

Military test pilot. You would see all the stuff in Area 51 before everyone else and play with it. I'm not a pilot, but I wanted to be. My eyesight was shot, and I probably wouldn't have made the height requirement. I knew someone that actually had such long legs, they considered having surgery to have an inch removed from their legs. So, apparently others would like to be pilots as well.

Cindy McVey

From Fairmont Park (School bus driver)

Postcard photographer. You could send me to Italy, South America, all over Europe. I'd love taking pictures of all different countries and various national parks and various scenic things. Traveling and being paid to do it would be a lot of fun. I take photos now for fun. It would also be a thrill to see your photography published.

Chris George

From Point Loma (Military)

That's easy; a sports broadcaster. I'm a sports junkie. I have a wealth of knowledge. I wouldn't care what city I worked in. I'm from Rochester, New York, so I wouldn't mind the cold if they sent me there. I would prefer TV over radio.

Ian Joseph

From Mission Valley (Military)

Record label representative. Or something with artist development. I would like to find new bands. There was a show on VH1 that dealt with that. I would love to listen to demos or go into bars and clubs and find something marketable or work with bands. I love music and would love to have an influence on music and work with bands in any capacity.

Donna Harte

From Santa Clarita (Real Estate)

A singer/songwriter. It's good therapy. I currently sing karaoke, when I have the courage. I made a demo, but I didn't do anything with it. I sing country and alternative. But, sure, if I could do that for a career, the way someone like Sarah McLachlan does, that would be a great way to make a living.

A. J. Hewison

From Poway (Sales)

Vegas host. No, wait; maybe a promoter or event planner. I work great under pressure. And I like putting big events together. So having the opportunity to be doing that as a job would be great. Obviously, it would be a lot more fun to promote concerts and events that I am personally interested in attending.


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