Have you ever seen a ghost?

Asked by Josh Board

July 26, 2007

Dave Schramm

From Pacific Beach (Mechanical Engineer)

I thought I did. But I've since rationalized it. I think. I was in bed and saw what I thought was a ghost in my closet. It was the silhouette of a person. I finally got up to check it out, and it was gone. Later, I convinced myself it was just the way the clothing was hanging. I guess I could've started closing my closet, but I never did.

Elizabeth Sears

From San Diego (Graphic Designer)

My grandmother had a stroke and died in her mobile home. It was the recession in the '80s, and while my dad was trying to sell it, I moved in. It helped my financial situation. I would see shadowy types of figures. Maybe it was the psychological effect, being in her domain. But it also seemed like there was a strong presence of my grandmother's spirit. And the fact that this place reacted to weather. If it was hot, or really cold, you'd hear it creak. At 3:00 a.m. that's scary.

Angela Milardo

From Pacific Beach (Student)

Yes. When my family moved into this unfinished, huge house in Rancho San Diego, we saw a few. We were living there temporarily, and we had a roommate. We would hear footsteps, doors, people walking around. One afternoon, I was in the kitchen. The roommate was walking down the hallway with her dog. I realized, I saw right through her. A minute later she came in from the garage. I asked if she just walked by and she didn't. Another time, I was upstairs getting ready. My boyfriend and mom thought they saw me come running down the stairs and then disappear. But I was still upstairs.

Rod Rodriguez

From University Heights (Writer)

I have seen a lot. The weirdest was with my friend at an Indian burial ground. I was skeptical of the stories I had heard. This place was right over a flight pattern of an airport. We were sitting and heard the beat of a drum. This was an area with nuclear silos, too. Some think the sound are those. I heard it faintly, and it kept getting louder and louder. And the tempo increased. It got kind of freaky. When we left, walking along a trail, I saw an Indian in a full headdress, sitting on a tree stump. I almost lost consciousness. I pointed it out to my friend, who gasped. Then the Indian was gone.

Jason Steele

From Coronado (Marine)

I was in school. I was with my friend drinking in our room. The shower turned on by itself. We opened the door, and the whole bathroom was covered with water. We had no choice but to assume it was a ghost. The water also turned off, without us touching the faucets. There was even water dripping off the ceiling.

Kayu Peterson

From Chula Vista (Military)

It was when I was living in Hawaii. My friend John and I had this three-story townhouse. Every night at eight, on the dot, we heard running up and down the stairs. We'd look down the hall, and nobody was there. I know that sound, and it couldn't have been anything else. One time, he couldn't find his wallet. We heard a door slam from inside his room. It was the bathroom door, and it locked itself. When we finally got it open, nobody was inside. And, his wallet was sitting on the sink.


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