Do you collect anything?

Asked by Josh Board

July 12, 2007

Andy Johnson

From Ocean Beach (Nonprofit worker)

I collect matchbooks. I have a few boxes full. I'm probably pushing a thousand. It's a nice reminder of where you've been, whether that's locally or some other country. I'll get matchbooks in bars, restaurants, or wherever.

Nikki Barrett

From Bankers Hill (Disabled)

I collect bills when they come in! I enjoy collecting pottery. I just started. I look at the bottom to see the imprint. It has a number there, which shows where it's from, the date, and other things. I bought one once at a garage sale for $5 that was worth $130. Right now, I only have around 30. But I'm always looking for more. Websites are too expensive, so I just stick to garage sales.

Glen Smith

From Temecula (Business owner)

It's a weird collection. I collect tape measures. I'm a woodworker and do-it-yourselfer. I have about 200. The ones I like best have advertising on them, or a sports team logo. I have a few old ones, from the '50s and '60s. I only collect the retractable ones.

Jen Stubbs

From Ocean Beach (Social Worker)

I collect giraffes. I've been collecting them since eighth grade. I don't have lots of them. I just think it's a very cool animal. They are unique. They're taller than me, they appear peaceful and elegant. And, they have really long necks.

Reyna Brook

From Ocean Beach (Human Resources)

I collect a few things. Venetian masks. I don't have that many yet. I was always into how they looked, and now I have some on my wall. I have one that my boyfriend got specifically in Venice and carried all around with him there. People give them to me as gifts now. I also collect anything with tropical fish. It could be statues, things that hang, anything.

Terry Samuel

From Downtown (Unemployed)

I collect cans and bottles. You can turn them in for money. I don't know why people always throw them away. Maybe it's good they do, because I retrieve them out of the garbage. Also, I'm helping the environment and landfills and such. When I was a kid I collected dinosaurs. I had all different sizes of them. They filled my toy box, and I had posters of them on my walls.


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