Do you find facial hair attractive?

Asked by Josh Board

February 22, 2007

Mike Morrison

From El Cajon (General contractor)

Well, I've always had it. The style changes. Sometimes it was a beard or just a mustache. For some people, it depends on their bone structure and the face of the person on how they look with facial hair. Some look good, some don't. My wife said I have good facial bones. When I shave though, I look too much like her father, which freaks her out.

Brenda De La Cruz

From Rancho Bernardo (Legal secretary)

I find it attractive, as long as it doesn't come out of their nose. I guess with facial hair, that goes for their ears, too. The mustache has to be trimmed up, too. I'm not a beard gal. Just mustaches. Goatees aren't bad. Other than that, no. I hate handlebar mustaches. They are so disgusting, aren't they?

Yvonne Roswita

From Santee (Accounting)

Yeah, I like it. As long as it's neat and clean; not scruffy and like sandpaper. I don't like the five o'clock shadow. The goatee look is okay. I don't really like the mountain-man look, where the hair is everywhere. I don't like the handlebar business. I like bikes. I ride a motorcycle. But I don't like the handlebar mustache at all.

Victoria Butler

From Linda Vista (Sales manager)

As long as I don't have to touch it or kiss it, I like it. My husband doesn't have it. He had a beard before, but when he goes to [military] reserves, he has to shave it off. Sometimes it takes him weeks just to grow a little tiny mustache. But I think physical appearance isn't all that important. It's what's inside a person that counts.

Chuck Muhlbach

From Phoenix (Newspaper printer)

You'd probably have to ask my wife. I like it. I think she does, too. It's fun for Christmas. A few kids thought I was Santa Claus when I showed up at a party. I've had my beard since 1974. I've been growing facial hair since the '60s. My parents never liked it and were always telling me to shave it. I never did. I would trim it up for jobs. Once I'd get the job, I'd let it grow out more. In past relationships, it's never been a problem.

Yen Quach

From San Diego (Writer)

When they have the beard that feels like sandpaper on your face and it leaves a rash, I hate that. Sometimes you tell them that, and they rub it on your stomach to be mean. At first, facial hair can be okay. If it's well groomed, I guess. Longer beards I don't like. I think they died with the era. I've never dated a guy that had a really long beard. I prefer a clean-shaven look.


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