What's the best deal you ever got on a purchase?

Asked by Josh Board

December 27, 2007

Photo of Dan Williams

Dan Williams

From Ocean Beach (Retired)

It would probably be my neighbor's '96 Mercedes. I got it for $2500 and it's totally cherried out. She's 86 and can't drive anymore. She originally was going to sell it for $5000, which was a good deal. It's worth about 11 or 12 grand. It does have a few hundred thousand miles on it, though. But, my wife runs errands for her, so she gave us a good deal.

Photo of Jennie Williams

Jennie Williams

From Ocean Beach (Administrative Assistant)

My fish Hercules. It was a quarter. It was just a feeder fish and now it's huge. I know that a lot of fish like that aren't expensive to begin with. They aren't exotic or rare. We had Hercules in an aquarium with a koi, and we fed it koi food. We've had it now three or four years. It'll even come up and eat food right out of your hand.

Photo of Jenny Goodlet

Jenny Goodlet

From College Area (Student)

I got a Scunci Steamer for around $20. They sell for over $100. I saw it on an infomercial, and when I went to the store to buy one, I had a coupon. The guy gave me another coupon and an additional discount on top of that. It wasn't very good, though. I put a hole in my friend's wall trying to get a stain out. So, maybe that wasn't such a good deal. Maybe I'd say one of my cross-enrollment classes. I'm going to San Diego State, and I only paid $10 for the class.

Photo of Stan Lubin

Stan Lubin

From Virginia (Accountant)

It probably involves clothes. I can't think of anything else I've ever gotten a really good deal on. I'm sure there are people that bought their houses 30 years ago and now they are worth so much more. I've done this move a few times, and it's enabled me to get the best deals on shirts. I switch the price tag on an expensive shirt with a really cheap one.

Photo of Jamie Bond

Jamie Bond

From Solana Beach (Accountant)

Well, it was a pair of boots at a thrift store. I'm sure thrift stores are where others get their best deals, too. These boots regularly sell for $300. I saw them there for $6. And, all the shoes were half price, so I ended up getting them for $3. I didn't even realize at the time how expensive those boots were. It wasn't until later. But I'll always thank the AmVets for that.

Photo of Joey Sandlin

Joey Sandlin

From Mira Mesa (Waiter)

I bought an Andrew Dice Clay DVD for only $5. Do you remember him? He's that comedian that had his hair slicked back, wore the leather jacket, and smoked. He would tell the dirty nursery rhymes. It ended up being a really good deal, not just because of the low price, but because my friends and I have watched the thing thousands of times.


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