What was your worst injury?

Asked by Josh Board

December 20, 2007

Photo of Jonathan Rogers

Jonathan Rogers

From Carlsbad (Project Manager)

I was in a car that drove off a cliff. We didn't get injured that bad. We hit some black ice and fell 15 feet. The engine on the VW was pushed in a bit. As a kid, we had this toy our parents bought us where you sit and it spins you around. I have four brothers, and we tried to knock each other off it. One knocked out his teeth. I got my neck caught in a tetherball rope. But my worst was in Temecula, riding a mechanical bull at a bar. I got a groin pull and later tried to ride it again. I couldn't walk for two days.

Photo of Sarah Rogers

Sarah Rogers

From Carlsbad (Director of Publicity)

My worst injury skiing happened when I was ten. I grew up in Colorado, so I skied from an early age. I sprained my knee really bad. Oh, there was a time in the summer. We drank four pitchers of beer between three people. I was drunk and bragging about how I never fall or get hurt. I then stepped on the curb and fell into the intersection. I sprained my ankle. And a week later, I sprained my other one. I think I was jinxed that summer from saying I never get injured.

Photo of Petra Gaare

Petra Gaare

From Encinitas (Barista)

When I was born, the umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck. Oh, there was a time I was running through the parking lot and hit by a car. I bounced off it. The worst was when my dad was playing softball in Oceanside. I was four and running up and down the bleachers. I was told not to but kept doing it. I fell through and hit my head on the concrete. It split my head open and gave me an inch-and-a-half scar.

Photo of Caryl Cranney

Caryl Cranney

From San Marcos (Clerk)

I broke my wrist once. I would have to say breaking a bone is my worst injury. Me and an old girlfriend were wrestling on the couch. She pulled me off, and I could tell it broke by the way I landed on the ground. I saw that my wrist bent the other direction. I could just tell by looking at it that it was broken because it was bent sort of in a loop. Just looking at it was gross.

Photo of Kris Kringle

Kris Kringle

From North Pole (Gift Giver)

I've had a few over the years. Once I tried to avoid an airplane that was flying too low, and I hit my elbow against the side of the sleigh. In my first year of this, I wasn't careful about chimneys that still had fires going. But the worst injury was a roof in Jersey that had some melted snow I didn't see. I slid right off the side and broke my leg in two places. It didn't keep me from doing my job that night, though.

Photo of Morgan Grant

Morgan Grant

From Hillcrest (Party Planner)

It was surfing six months ago. I got so many bruises and cuts and scrapes to prove it. I'll no longer have my career as a leg model, that's for sure. I just recently learned how to surf. And I didn't know how much damage it would be on my body. Especially those fins. They can really cut up and bruise your legs. I used to have really nice legs, too.


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