What's the most memorable sports event you've watched?

Asked by Josh Board

August 30, 2007

John Lockhart

From Escondido (Retired Mechanical Engineer)

It would be either meeting Sid Gillman at an airport or Tony Gwynn. If you mean an actual game, I'd say the Chargers against the Bills in the championships, before there was a Super Bowl and the leagues merged. That was the last time they won a big championship game -- Kemp at quarterback and Lance Alworth. That's when I became a big fan of his. It was a great game to watch.

Peggy Wilson

From Oceanside (Government Contractor)

Mark McGwire hitting that home run to win the World Series. He had a pulled hamstring and ran around the bases pumping his fist. Oh, wait, that was Kirk Gibson. It would either be that moment or watching John Elway's last home-season game when I was in Denver. It was a great game. Elway played well, and Terrell Davis broke the season rushing yardage record.

Dave Schucker

From North Park (I.T.)

The '94 NFC championship game -- Dallas against the 49ers. I love the Cowboys and flew up for it. That was the year the Chargers made it into the Super Bowl. My brother liked the 49ers. In the first seven minutes, it was 21 to 0. The Cowboys were down. There were lots of turnovers. But they ended up playing the game of their life, coming back. On the flight home, I felt like jumping out of the plane I was so pissed they lost. But it was an amazing game to see.

Pete Yellak

From Pacific Beach (I.T.)

I would say the game last year, when the Cowboys lost in the playoffs because of Tony Romo. I hate Dallas. It was fourth down, and they were going for a field goal to tie it. The kick was fumbled, and Romo picked it up and tried to run. He got tackled on the one-yard line. It seems like they messed something up on third down, but I can't remember. Watching that game and rooting against Dallas was the best.

Heather Hedrick

From Mira Mesa (Configuration Management Specialist)

It involved my daughter Chelsea's all-star softball team a few years ago in Lancaster. They had to play five games in a day, in over 107-degree heat. It was a double elimination. It was the semifinal game, and they mercy ruled the team they were playing, which hadn't lost a game yet, so they had to play the same team one more time. We ended up losing, but the girls had played through some pretty incredible conditions. People from other teams were staying just to watch our games. My daughter was playing with a broken finger from earlier, and her knees were pretty cut up from sliding. This team never gave up, and the teamwork they possessed was incredible.

Patricia Jimeno

From San Diego (Business Executive)

I've heard about great ones. Joe Louis winning that fight against the German. Or, on the subject of Germans, Jesse Owens winning gold medals while Hitler watched from the stands. But of the events I witnessed, I'd have to say the Miracle on Ice, when the U.S. hockey team won it all. I was living in the Philippines but still found it so exciting and inspiring. I can't believe they finally made a movie out of that, when it happened over 25 years ago.


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