What talent don't you have that you wish you did?

Asked by Josh Board

April 19, 2007

David DeRosier

From Ocean Beach (Dentist)

I always wanted to race Formula One. I did some time-trialing on a racetrack. It's basically against a clock, not other cars. That was a long time ago. Before I had a wife, a kid, a mortgage...

Kerri DeRosier

From Point Loma (Writer)

Draw. To be an artist. I would love to paint with watercolors. Not professionally, just for fun. I have zero talent. I wouldn't mind being a professional singer. I do sing, but wouldn't mind singing better, on a professional level. That would be a hoot.

Millie McKibbin

From Kearny Mesa (Bank Manager)

Sing. As a kid I sang in church choirs. I like to sing to myself or my family. I wouldn't go on American Idol if I was given this talent or anything. I'd probably just join my church choir. Or sing to my kids...and grandkids, eventually.

Susan Jamaes

From Ocean Beach (Printing Company)

I would probably want the ability to sing well. I would join a group. I think I can sing, but others don't seem to enjoy my singing as much as I do. If I could pick a person to sound like, it would probably be Barbra Streisand.

Shari Mager

From Clairemont (Wedding Consultant)

To get onstage and sing. I took lessons in L.A. The lady wanted to put me in a recital with two songs. She introduced me saying that I had so much talent. I totally choked. I think she confused me with somebody else. I was 19 at the time. It was horrible.

Bronson Pate

From El Cajon (Photographer)

I was going to say massage, but I think I will go with good organization. I know that is broad. My wife would like that, though. I'm better at work than I am at home. Maybe because clients are on the line. I have gotten better over the years. But that is a talent I just don't seem to have.


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