Bob Greiser

Bob Greiser

October 12, 1946 - January 31, 2017

He barked at seven Presidents, the Queen and the Pope. That was Bob Grieser, world-renown photographer. He worked at the Indianapolis Star, Washington Star, and was chief photographer at the Los Angeles Times/San Diego Edition. He learned he could bark like a German shepherd and his subject would turn to face him. Click. Bob would get his photo. He authored "Chesapeake Bay," a coffee table tome of black and white photos, with a forward by James A. Michener. He worked for sailing magazines worldwide. Robert Henry Grieser, Jr. died from pneumonia and kidney failure. He was 70.

Services for Bob Greiser

  • March 12, 2017
    • Funeral: 2 p.m.
      A Celebration of Life will be held at Southwestern Yacht Club on March 12 at 2 p.m.

Location of service

Southwestern Yacht Club
  • 2702 Qualtrough Street, San Diego, CA 92106
  • 619-222-0438