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The problem with Rosarito's whale

Sharks like the fat, orcas like the liver

Dan M. and his fellow guests at the Club Marena rentals in Rosarito, had a rude awakening Saturday, September 7. “Our bedroom window is positioned about 50 meters that way, and at 2 am, she ...

Spring breakers flock to Rosarito

The thrill of Papas and Beer, Bombay Beach Club, Club Tequilas, Coco Beach

Any worries among local business that media reports and government warnings about violence in Mexico would scare away spring breakers were dispelled when college students flocked to Rosarito Beach in droves. “It’s not as bad ...

Candy tangerine and black Blazer wins with and without nitrous

La Playa Sand Drags was serious

On September 16, about 40 vehicles raced on a dirt strip at Rosarito Beach. The venue, Plaza San Fernando, is right off of Federal Highway 1 close to the touristy hotels and across the street ...

Club Iggy's burned on verge of 2018 season

"All we have are Polaroid pictures of the tequila poppers, the piña coladas."

On the morning of January 20th, Club Iggy’s, located at 11337 Avenida Coronado, Rosarito, was burned to the ground. “Maybe because the club was made pretty much of all with wood and logs,” said Carlos ...

Kill your boyfriend, go to jail

David Meza's pregnant girlfriend knew about Jake Merendino's murder

Twenty-seven-year-old David Enrique Meza of Imperial Beach was sentenced in federal court to life in prison today (December 11th). He had fatally stabbed and nearly decapitated Texas retiree Jake Clyde Merendino on May 2, 2015, ...

David Meza killed his boyfriend to get inheritance, including Rosarito condo

Imperial Beach man had pregnant girlfriend who knew about the murder

David Enrique Meza of Imperial Beach was convicted by jury this morning (May 2) of killing his boyfriend to get his inheritance. The lover, Texas retiree Jake Clyde Merendino, was stabbed 24 times exactly two ...

Mexican photojournalist recalls Pemex arrest

“They threw me on my back and flipped me face down and pushed down."

Gas prices in Mexico have jumped since January 1. Coupled with the decline of the peso, the situation has caused a great deal of unrest throughout Baja California. On the morning of Saturday, January 7, ...

Whoa, Mexico, that water clean?

San Diego officials warn bank about funding Rosarito desalination plant

Four South Bay cities have signed off on a letter that calls on the North American Development Bank to pay attention to the sewage-tainted seawater that may go into the Rosarito desalination plant the bank ...

K-38's Calypso brings the funk

Unexpected find at the famous Baja surf spot.

It’s Friday night at Baja Calypso and there’s a calm but buzzing energy in the restaurant, and a soft glow from the Moroccan lanterns hanging from the ceiling and candles perched in tabletop wine bottles. ...

30 miles south in Baja: Popotla & Rosarito

Foodie must-sees, including Popotla's off-the-beaten-path seafood heaven.

Up for a short drive to a different country? Rosarito Beach is just 20 scenic minutes from the U.S.-Mexico border – but it’s more Mexico than it is Tijuana, and adventures are waiting. The greatly ...

Alarm among Americans

Elderly U.S. ex-pat killed in her Rosarito Beach home

Baja California authorities are searching for the caretakers of an elderly American woman found dead and stuffed into the refrigerator of her Rosarito Beach home earlier this week. Rosarito police said a friend of the ...

Homicides down in Tijuana, up in Rosarito

Some say actual crime figures suppressed for political reasons

Homicides dropped 10 percent in Tijuana but the number of kidnappings skyrocketed by 60 percent, while in Rosarito Beach there were no kidnappings but murders jumped by 40 percent, according to crime statistics just released ...

Mad with envy

South of Rosarito, at Ruben’s, Ed becomes a happy camper.

“You come at, say, nine in the morning, I guarantee you won’t get out before two.”

Rosarito and the Broken Board Surfos

Leer este artículo en Español, haga clic aquí.

Banano “I learned to surf with a broken board. I repaired it with resin that I bought from a fish taxidermist factory. I patched it and I glued it back together. I would surf with ...

Go time: Rosarito to Ensenada

Minnie mice and proud inebriates on the road to Ensenada.

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