Three sonnets by Edward Dowden

"In July," "In the Cathedral" and "Leonardo’s 'Mona Lisa'”

In July Why do I make no poems? Good my friend Now is there silence through the summer woods, In whose green depths and lawny solitudes The light is dreaming; voicings clear ascend Now from ...

A poem for July

July I and July II

July I Blue July, bright July, Month of storms and gorgeous blue; Violet lightnings o’er thy sky, Heavy falls of drenching dew; Summer crown! o’er glen and glade Shrinking hyacinths in their shade; I welcome ...

Three poems

Story, His Biggest Deal Prompts a Lawyer to Reflect, Doxology at Sixty-six

Story (An author speaks of himself and of his first novel.) I shot—in Vietnam—at clouds and trees. Our orders were to count our kills. They’d check: How many gooks? I’d shout out: two, three, four, ...

Three poems

"Communion of Dust," "The Map," and "After the Seventh Night of the Northern California Wildfires"

Communion of Dust It’s how I arrived in this place. Dust. Blood. Thin figures. Shadows stretched like bars against a farm gone fallow. Gone dust. Gone wind. My grandmother said, Steinbeck never got it right. ...

Two poems

"Taste and See" and "Still Your Hand"

Taste and See Seven very tall French egrets mill about in a field. As soon as anyone appears they take off, headed as Away as possible. Their bright gleam in the sky quickly out of ...

Three sonnets

"When June is Here," "Pan," and "Silence"

When June Is Here When June is here—what art have we to sing The whiteness of the lilies midst the green Of noon-tranced lawns? Or flash of roses seen Like redbirds’ wings? Or earliest ripening ...

Two poems

"The Salton Sea" and "Connections in the Digital Age, Or, One Hundred and Forty-Three Words"

The Salton Sea I am standing here at the end of the world the end of everything and you are not here I walk through the rain as droplets cut and jab at my eyes ...

Two poems

"Over the Town," and "In Order of Disappearance"

Over the Town Chagall looks down at the work he’s done, 1918 In Liozna— the town at the end of the world— blossoms spread to the edge of heaven, the little River Moshna weeps over ...

Eight haiku

Andrew Hamlin likes to photograph shoes and write about dog shit

Slashed samurai gills on a hooked quivering fish resigned to the air *** Cold cup of coffee poinsettia by the window winter hugs April *** Half a carrot by the knife and teakettle... spring storm ...

Two poems

"Pot-Bound" and "Left Out"

Pot-Bound Roots strangled reaching out suffocating every several years all plants need repotting their nutrients depleted larger pot, richer potting mix untangle roots gently, water deep am I pot-bound needing replanting too how long has ...

Three poems

"The Merry Month of May," "Cradle Song," and "Beauty Arise"

The Merry Month of May O the month of May, the merry month of May, So frolic, so gay, and so green, so green, so green! O, and then did I unto my true love ...

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