He never tried to seduce their girls or boys

Two poems by Larry Johnson

Love Poem Your love is gentle only as the earth is gentle: You are a truth of the myriads her soils And brine can breed, protect with humid fumes, Then obliterate in possessive innocence. Men, ...

No doubt it is a selfish thing/ To fly from human suffering

Two poems by W.H. Davies

In May Yes, I will spend the livelong day With Nature in this month of May; And sit beneath the trees, and share My bread with birds whose homes are there; While cows lie down ...

We’re measured by measures we take

Three poems by John Lyon

The Measure of Man The word and the world and the weather Are measured by meters we make. What’s given is given; however We receive only what we can take. So we take what we ...

Being young, I knew I’d never die

Time is just the fast before the feast

On Receiving a Death’s Head Rosary Some twenty years ago, I was eighteen And being young, I knew I’d never die And came to Rome, the oldest place I’d seen And in St. Mary’s church, ...

The kids are drunk, acting like adults

Three poems by Robbie Forsyth

Literature 309B, Modern to Multicultural American Literature In the upper division Lit classes there’s a loose interpretation of truth. The instructor faintly prompts discussion and each student speaks, one at a time, as in a ...

The Know-it-all and the Space Invader

Fishing poems from Mesa College

Scott Starbuck, a writing and literature coordinator at Mesa College, is the author of Lost Salmon (MoonPathPress) from which the following excerpts are taken. Know-it-all If it can be caught, shot, bought, or trophy-mounted, he’s ...

Such a tiny little box to carry a soul

Two poems by Mark DiFruscio

Remains Such a tiny little box to carry a soul Faux wood with a walnut coat What does it hold? One foot wide and six inches deep, large enough for a person 170 pounds before ...

Let thy blessèd Spirit bear a part/and make up our defects with his sweet art

Three poems for Easter by George Herbert

Easter Rise, heart, thy lord is risen. Sing his praise Without delays, Who takes thee by the hand, that thou likewise With him may’st rise: That, as his death calcinèd thee to dust, His life ...

He dips down, a lion, drinking in her nectar

Two poems by Marie Parrish

Heritage He sits Frozen Bent over a book A beaker He stands on steps And looks to the future My future The one he doesn’t know I’ll have Lips tight, determined forehead He sits On ...

Rain, washing me cleaner than I have been since I was born

Three poems by Edward Thomas

April The sweetest thing, I thought At one time, between earth and heaven Was the first smile When mist has been forgiven And the sun has stolen out, Peered, and resolved to shine at seven ...

I used to work the night shift at the gas station on Mission Bay road

Three poems by Frank Montesonti

Truckin’ I used to work the night shift at the gas station on Mission Bay road. The half-hour before sunrise the still gauzy, dream-spattered would float in, and we would conduct our transactions without speaking, ...

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