Award-winning author and Mesa College creative writing coordinator Scott Starbuck shares four poems

His climate blog Trees, Fish, and Dreams also of note

Recycle politicians into nameless moonfish inside their mothers, teachers into students of students, businessmen into birds saving skies flying places thought impossible. Laugh Out Loud Café (first appeared in The Raven Chronicles) is so quiet ...

Two poems from The Low Passions: Poems by Anders Carlson-Wee

Great Plains Food Bank and The Low Passions

Great Plains Food Bank The wind is in the trees again, and I’m thinking it’s a wonder the body can move. The way the mother at the Fargo food bank fingers a can of concentrated ...

Patrick Kavanagh: realistic diction about realistic subjects

A great influence Nobel laureate Seamus Heaney

March There’s a wind blowing Cold through the corridors, A ghost-wind, The flapping of defeated wings, A hell-fantasy From meadows damned To eternal April And listening, listening To the wind I hear The throat-rattle of ...

Countee Cullen: influential member of the Harlem Renaissance alongside Langston Hughes

He was an African American poet, novelist, children’s storywriter and playwright

Incident Once riding in old Baltimore, Heart-filled, head-filled with glee, I saw a Baltimorean Keep looking straight at me. Now I was eight and very small, And he was no whit bigger, And so I ...

Mercedes de Acosta: playwright and novelist who also wrote of her Hollywood affairs with Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich

She was never afraid to flaunt her sexual proclivities

Unreality Through the window-pane I see your face, Its outline a little vague In the dimness of the shadow. But the whiteness of your skin Is like a clean ship’s sail, Standing out in the ...

Pulitzer prize recipient James Merrill linked to Merrill Lynch investment firm through father and poetry

He memorialized the Weather Underground bombing in his poem “18 West 11th Street,” the address of his birth

The Puzzle Is No Puzzle A card table in the library stands ready To receive the puzzle which keeps never coming. Daylight shines in or lamplight down Upon the tense oasis of green felt. Full ...

Pulitzer recipient W.S. Merwin’s poetry steeped in ecology and Buddhist philosophy

He was also named the 17th U.S. Poet Laureate in 2010 and received the National Book Award for Poetry

It Is March It is March and black dust falls out of the books Soon I will be gone The tall spirit who lodged here has Left already On the avenues the colorless thread lies ...

Horace succinctly captures ideal of the carefree life with carpe diem

Translated by A.S Kline

Ode I.9: Carpe Diem Leuconoë , don’t ask, we never know, what fate the gods grant us, whether your fate or mine, don’t waste your time on Babylonian, futile, calculations. How much better to suffer ...

Influential Greek lyric poet Anacreon wrote songs and hymns for the lyre

Three poems translated by A.S. Kline

Odd Sandals Today, Eros, of the golden locks used a purple ball to make me play with a child. A girl, wearing odd sandals. But she, born in beautiful Lesbos, looks at me, finds fault ...

Valentine’s Day with Richard “Loveless” Lovelace

One of the most prominent “Cavalier Poets” of the 17th century

To His Fairest Valentine, Mrs. A.L. “Come, pretty birds, present your lays, And learn to chaunt a goddess praise; Ye wood-nymphs, let your voices be Employ’d to serve her deity: And warble forth, ye virgins ...

San Diego author of Hollow Tin Jingles and Vietnumb shares three poems

With running themes of cold, wind and darkness

Between the Castle and Cannery Row Moving north along the pitted California coastal byway, en route to the westernmost hub of the revolution. Snaking its blustery sheer and terrible beauty, doughty in view of the ...

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