Jean Starr Untermeyer: poetry outlived her marriage

She focused on nature and domestic life as her subject matter and self-discipline and loss as her themes

Forget-Me-Nots For Amy Lowell We walked through garden closes Languidly, with dragging Sunday feet, And passed down a long pleached alley, And could remember, as one remembers in a fairy tale, Ladies in brocade, and ...

Louis Untermeyer helped bring attention to friend Robert Frost

Also known for his modern American and modern British poetry anthologies

Portrait of the Machine What nudity as beautiful as this Obedient monster purring at its toil; These naked iron muscles dripping oil And the sure-fingered rods that never miss. This long and shining flank of ...

Elinor Wylie: articulate and accessible

Famous for her torrid love affairs as she was for her verse

October Beauty has a tarnished dress, And a patchwork cloak of cloth Dipped deep in mournfulness, Striped like a moth. Wet grass where it trails Dyes it green along the hem; She has seven silver ...

Jim Morrison hoped to be remembered as a poet rather than as a rock singer

He took great care in his poetic efforts, which were often incorporated into his musical performances

The Movie The movie will begin in five moments. The mindless voice announced all those unseated will await the next show. We filed slowly, languidly into the hall. The auditorium was vast and silent as ...

Jim Carroll: the American Arthur Rimbaud

Leonardo DiCaprio played punk rock poet in 1995 film The Basketball Diaries

Love Story The penalty for desertion is death by a firing squad. I’m saving you this trouble enclosed is a pistol. loaded with only one bullet. squeeze the trigger once. perhaps nothing will happen. but ...

Imagining defeat with Silver Jews singer David Berman

Also known as the author of Actual Air and The Portable February poetry books

Imagining Defeat She woke me up at dawn, her suitcase like a little brown dog at her heels. I sat up and looked out the window at the snow falling in the stand of blackjack ...

Geoffrey Hill: an English critic-poet in the tradition of Matthew Arnold and T.S. Eliot

He often sought to reconcile transcendental claims with the apparent lack of immanence in contemporary culture

September Song born 19.6.32 - deported 24.9.42 Undesirable you may have been, untouchable you were not. Not forgotten or passed over at the proper time. As estimated, you died. Things marched, sufficient, to that end. ...

J.V. Cunningham: 20th century epigrams

His precision in meter, form and image places him squarely in the neo-classicist camp

Ars Amoris Speak to her heart! That manic force When wits depart Forbids remorse. Dream with her dreaming Until her lus t Seems to her seeming An act of trust! Do without doing! Love’s wilful ...

Nancy Foley poems that detail San Diego life

From a 2007 San Diego Community College Writer’s Workshop to the 2019 San Diego Poetry Annual

NEVERMORE My steps are heavy this early morning, head throbbing, muscles tight. Above me, dark clouds with slumped shoulders release tears into steel-grey Mission Bay. I pass a few people, heads bowed, sluggish pace, a ...

Charles Hughes: author of Cave Art shares a poem

He worked as a lawyer for thirty-three years before his retirement

After Many Years “Best to react to sorrowful things in sorrow”— The answer Peter, a new acquaintance, gave, Quoting I don’t remember whom. Iced tea, Brought out by Peter’s wife, the August sun We sat ...

Yvor Winters: founder of New Formalism

The American poet often took to task many poets of the literary canon

At the San Francisco Airport To my daughter, 1954 This is the terminal: the light Gives perfect vision, false and hard; The metal glitters, deep and bright. Great planes are waiting in the yard— They ...

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