A Nocturnal upon St. Lucy’s Day

A poem from John Donne, the premier member of the “metaphysical poets”

’Tis the year’s midnight, and it is the day’s, Lucy’s, who scarce seven hours herself unmasks; The sun is spent, and now his flasks Send forth light squibs, no constant rays; The world’s whole sap ...

The train you are riding will only go forward

Two poems by Kai Carlson-Wee

Where the Feeling Deserts Us I wake somewhere on the outskirts of Portland. The crickets are singing. The train is refusing to breathe. Off in the distance a truck gears down on a service road ...

To do one thing well over and over

rattlesnakes for pop-guns, meat for rope

Eclogue Twenty-Two Months Rent in the neighborhood is dropping. Rent everywhere is dropping. Can you spare a little CHANGE, asks the sign where my bank, merging with the bank across the street, fails. I want ...

A Thanksgiving Poem

"With incense sweet our thanks ascend..."

The sun hath shed its kindly light, Our harvesting is gladly o’er Our fields have felt no killing blight, Our bins are filled with goodly store. From pestilence, fire, flood, and sword We have been ...


for Bunny 1. The Early Stages of Our Move Hammer Out a Simile In our case, it was stress from moving, though It’s a mundane variety. The house We couldn’t think, for thirty years, of ...

The babysitter’s fast slap, on a German cockroach

Next collection forthcoming

Stain It all depended upon the peach juice trickling down her arm, and icy Kool-Aid drunk from green aluminum Tupperware tumblers, and lily-of-the-valleys, like tiny tea-cups in a fairy kingdom, and picking blackberries in sand ...

I muster a halfhearted “You are going to be fine”

Four poems by James W. Bray Jr.

Hallowed Ground I lay in a field of marble flowers surrounded by my brothers and sisters tears of the unrecalled echo around this solemn place carried on the wind kissing every soul and washing away ...

Tonight, he is a dinosaur

Three poems for Halloween by Katie Darby Mullins

Jimmy the Dinosaur For Leslie, Halloween 2014 His arms and legs flail wildly, And from his profile, laughter Billows up like so much smoke. It comes from a deep place: one that, Two years ago, ...

This poet loves all beauteous things

Three poems by Robert Seymour Bridges

The North Wind in October In the golden glade the chestnuts are fallen all; From the sered boughs of the oak the acorns fall: The beech scatters her ruddy fire; The lime hath stripped to ...

Like the Last English Guy in India

Plus two other poems from Marnie Bullock Dresser

All Fall Down Samaras twist and twirl their way to the ground. The shower of green just will not stop. It’s like A toddler spinning, spinning. All fall down. Spring’s run hot, then cold, this ...

Díos Mio, I’m bleeding. Got to move, out of sight.

Three poems by Nancy Foley

Rainbow de Amor Someone’s amigo Someone’s son Someone’s novio Out having fun Someone’s hermano Someone’s wife Someone’s primo Enjoying life Dancing and singing Fill the room Until terror strikes With a thunderous boom Díos Mio ...

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