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Rapper XXXTentacion killed in Florida

Told San Diego attacker "Next time make sure you kill me so I can't talk"

From North Park assault victim to Florida murder victim

Sports car racers fret next to Midway

Can they use North Island?

On June 12 at 7:30 p.m., about 30 European vehicle owners met by the USS Midway on North Harbor Drive south of Broadway, downtown. Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, and other European-make vehicle owners have been congregating ...

Shhh — San Diego is better deal

Cappuccino and fast food cheaper here than L.A.

Tourism has long played an outsized role in the local economy. According to the San Diego Tourism Authority, 35 million people visit the city each year to enjoy its sunshine, sandy beaches, and potholed streets, ...

Bluefin tuna in La Jolla? It happens.

The kelp is now the target

Dock Totals June 10 – June 16: 3,837 anglers aboard 134 boats out of San Diego landings this past week caught 170 bluefin tuna, 2,214 yellowtail, 9 white seabass (8 released), 3,031 calico bass, 315 ...

Bird scooter smashes BMW on Mission Blvd.

Walk-away caught on video

On June 15, Seda Onek spoke to the Bird company in Santa Monica in hopes to square up on more than $1600 worth of damage done to her 2013 BMW 328i on Memorial Day weekend. ...

Mickelson melts down at U.S. Open

Hits moving ball, takes a 10 on a hole.

San Diego golfing legend Phil Mickelson today (June 16) shocked the golf world on the 13th green of the U.S. Open. A putt rolled past the hole and was going downhill. Mickelson jogged after the ...

Maybe it wasn't woodshop after all

"There's an alert out on us? That's okay, you don't need to sign this."

Lenny Swanson heard a knock at his front door on June 11 at 7:00 p.m. He looked out his window to see a 20-something, Hispanic male, heavy build. "He said, 'we're gathering signatures to bring ...

MakoBob Halibut Tournament – no longer just kayaks

His home is open to those he barely knows

Robert Moore has been a fixture in the fishing community above and below the border. His spread on the Sea of Cortez just north of Punta Bufeo, Makoville, is an idyllic camp area complete with ...

True adventures of San Diego, part 2

San Dieguito River, hitching on trucks, waterless in Borrego, escape from Vietnam, Devil's Peak in Baja, accident in Baja, wild horses of Coyote Canyon

Three days along the San Dieguito I knew I’d made a bad mistake. I jumped back, but it was already too late. A yellow, foul-smelling mist rained down on me. It was a direct hit, ...

True adventures of San Diego

Baja snakebite, Jerry Schad, only shipwreck survivor, San Diego River, parolees lost on Palomar Mountain, Navy's bombing range in Chocolate Mountains

Snakebite Bob recalls, “I was getting pretty good mouthfuls of blood for a while, then everything seemed to coagulate.” Less than three minutes had elapsed since the time of the bite. He substituted the waist ...

Costume customers at Anime Conji

Japanese animation fans gather and play dress-up

Cosplay customers in Mission Valley

Trouble on Garfield Street

Man denies assault with scissors

“I had just came back from the grocery store,” said Gary. The two-door car that belonged to the boyfriend of his housemate Katie was there. “His vehicle was in the driveway.” Katie had her own ...

No wonder they went after the bike tracks

City bureaucrats work on Pt. Loma opponents of low-income housing

A crowd of Point Loma residents gathered at Hervey Library on Thursday evening (June 14), offering vociferous opposition to a proposal that would place 83 units of low-income housing on a vacant city-owned parcel at ...

Who cares about 40th and El Cajon?

26,000 square feet to the highest bidder

When John O’Connor looks at the lot on the northwest corner of El Cajon Boulevard and 40th where the I-15 exit ramps end, he sees a great opportunity for a building with housing and shops ...

Hurricane Bud affects Rosarito

Buried whale surfaces

"Merchants and visitors had to leave the Rosarito beach because of the high tide that went up suddenly — avoid coming for now," read the caption underneath a video posted June 10. This appeared on ...

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