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San Diegans who got religion

California Jews struggle, Mother Teresa and TJ, Faith Chapel, Eckankar, Yogananda, Bishop McKinney

California Jew returns to the source He began to read anything and everything he could about religion and religious experience, books by Hindus, Catholics, Jews, and Moslems, books of Western and non-Westem cosmology; books by ...

What counted as scandals in 1990s

Children's Hospital, the New River, Spanish Village, the Chargers ticket guarantee

Children's Hospital gave AIDS to hemophiliacs So even after talking with Hartman, I still cannot get a date for when my sons were first tested. The only thing that I have in concrete, from Steven’s ...

What about the kid?

Youth gets served (or not) in this week's new movie releases, including Loveless and Love, Simon

In Love, Simon, the kid has a problem. In Loveless, the kid is the problem. In The Cured, the kid is a reminder of a problem. In Tomb Raider, the heroine's problem is that she ...

Craft beer and Vietnamese food

North Park's latest gastropub dishes bún, bánh, and phở

With the opening of Shank & Bone in February, North Park finally got the contemporized Vietnamese restaurant its hipster heart craved. Taking over the space previously occupied by Japanese gastropub The Safe House, the new ...

Oceanside bike cop said he was threatened

Eliseo Cruz Flores reportedly admitted marijuana use

“He told me he wanted to provoke the police officer,” said Oceanside police officer Ivan Sanchez, who was called to a confrontation on the main drag of the beach town on February 2, 2018. Officer ...

Still waiting for Soon-Shiong

What will he do with La Jolla Light?

More layoffs in Chicago and a noteworthy retirement in San Diego have sowed concerns about the pace of takeover by Los Angeles billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong of the Union-Tribune and its big sister, the L.A. Times. ...

Parking tangles at South Bay Swap Meet

Guards protect neighbors

Luis Villa-Lopez said that he catches over 20 patrons per day that come into the South Bay Swap Meet — without paying. “On Wednesday it’s only $1 to come in,” he said. “They sneak in ...

10 bedrooms with their own bathrooms and closets — in National City

Don't need picket fence

The lot is irregular, and so is the proposed housing model; developers see it as lemons to lemonade. Neighbors and some National City planning commissioners, however, see the four-unit communal living style project as a ...

Jury selection begins for David Leroy Lucero Jr

Sparks will fly when his father is in the witness box

Jury selection continues Monday, March 19 in the much-delayed trial of David Leroy Lucero Jr., now 33, who is accused of murdering his mother eight years ago, in the home they shared in Valley Center. ...

Mahler medium dive

The agitations and triumphs are in the music for all to hear

I had said these articles would be a deep dive into an upcoming piece on the San Diego classical music calendar. On second thought these are more of a medium dive. A deep dive would ...

Skating, surfing, hot-rodding, and beer

Beach Grease plants beer brand at former SpecHops brewhouse

"We're open!" So shouted a tasting room employee of Beach Grease Beer Co. at noon, Saturday, March 10th as the new beer company opened for business in Vista. A hint of surprise could almost be ...

Crossword puzzle — Don't even try

Sorry, Reader readers

Due to error by Reader staff, we mis-matched the puzzle with the clues in this week's (March 15) issue.

People here are crazy smart

Rough Draft taps into UCSD grad students

Six years ago this month, Rough Draft Brewing opened as something like the 37th craft brewery in San Diego. Today there are over 150. "I didn't know that we would have 100 breweries open up ...

The stupidest thing I've heard all year

Altos want to sing tenor roles. Here we go.

Give the arts enough time and zero resistance and they will confuse madness with innovation. Let’s look at the macro and then zoom into the micro. From a macro point of view, Russian composers dominated ...

Oceanside Monarch vs. Encinitas Monarch

Name-sharing leads to confusion

The Metal Monarch is none too pleased. Monarch is an Encinitas-based Allman Brothers–ish instrumental jam band. They released their album Two Isles in 2016. One problem: there was another band named Monarch that had been ...

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